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The one before that | The one after that

OIAM Chapter 10/?

    The longest half of an hour later, the receptionist came back into the room where we were waiting. "Ladies, if you would please follow me, Mr. Cesario would like for you to join him and the band in his office." We all stood up and followed her to the big double doors that I now noticed had a huge name plate on the door. It read, 'Brown Cesario, Executive Vice President". Executive Vice President of the label? Wow... That's pretty fantastic.

     "Wait wait wait wait wait... Their uncle is VICE FRICKEN PRESIDENT of the label? Dude! That's fricken sweet! You struck gold..." I glared at Jordie "Not that you'd take advantage of that." Hayley added, saving Jordie from making another stupid comment. The receptionist opened the door just wide enough to poke her head in, and then she turned around and smiled warmly at us.

    "You can go in now." She said, almost too sweetly. We nodded and walked in. When we got in, we saw the guys sitting up straight in 3 comfortable looking chairs, and who I assumed to be their uncle sitting behind a huge desk covered in pictures and papers. Their uncle glanced at us and motioned us in.

    "Ladies, sit." He ordered. We scurried over to the empty seats and sat down. "Now, from what I've seen and heard, there has been an incident involving you two of you and my troublesome nephew." "I am NOT troublesome, Uncle Brown!" Shane whined. Brown glared at him, and Shane instantly went quiet. I was beginning not to like this uncle.

    "Anyways, we were discussing how we would be able to explain this situation to the public, but before we get to that, may I ask which of you are the ones who got caught in that rather compromising position with my TROUBLESOME nephew?" He asked. Hayley slowly raised her hand, and Jordie turned her head away. I cleared my throat, and then Jordie raised her hand. 
 "Me, sir." She said quietly. He nodded and rubbed his temples

    "Do any of you have any idea how we can explain this to the press?" I hesitantly raised my hand. Brown acknowledged me, "Yes."  "Well, what about the truth? A group of friends got together and they fell, playing Twister." I'm just glad that they didn't get any pictures of me and Jason making out. Everyone started to agree with me, which kinda make me feel better. I'd feel much better if I was sitting beside Jason, with him holding my hand.

    "Are you sure this is how you want to handle it?" Brown's face had softened a bit, showing a touch of concern. Jason stood up. "Yes, Uncle Brown. You know that is how we were raised. Plus, the truth isn't that bad." He's standing up for me again. He has backed me up on every decision I've made since we have met. "You boys feel the same?" Brown asked Shane and Nate. They nodded their heads in agreement.    "Well, then it's settled. Now, do you boys want to introduce your friends to me?" Jason walked over and stood behind me. "Uncle Brown, may I introduce Trisha Davis, Jordie Reid, and Hayley Noel, ladies, this is Brown Cesario, our uncle." Jordie smiled and then walked up to Brown and shook his hand.

    "Hi. I'm Jordie and I'm very pleased and frightened to meet you, sir." She said quietly, making Brown laugh.
    "Likewise, poppet." He let go of Jordie's hand, and she nervously shuffled back to her seat. "Now, which one of you is Trisha, and which one of you is Hayley?" He asked. Jordie turned and grabbed Hayley's hand, pulling her up beside her and said,"This is Hayley." Jase pulled me next to him and said, "And this is Trisha," looking at me instead of Brown. 

    "Jason, could I see you privately for a moment?" Brown asked. Shane and Nate moved so that they could be closer to Brown and Jason. "ALONE." "Sure, Uncle Brown." Jason said to his uncle, then he turned back to me and said, "Be right back." He kissed me on the cheek and followed Brown out a side door. I wonder what that's all about, as Shane and Nate collapsed on the comfortable looking sofas in their uncle's office. Jordie and Hayley did the same, Jord by Shane and Hales by Nate. I, on the other hand, started pacing. "I wonder what Brown want with Jase?" I wondered out loud.
    "TEA AND SCONES!" Jordie exclaimed. We all stared at her, and she blushed. "Don't British people like tea and scones?" She asked Shane. He laughed and played with her hair.

    "Of course they do, but Uncle Brown is from Australia." He said. "Well, aren't they on, like, the same continent?" Jordie asked. I slapped my forehead. She isn't serious, is she? "No, sweetie, different sides of the planet," Shane explained slowly. Jordie pouted. "I wasn't even relatively close!" She whined. Shane smiled, "It's okay, I used to think the same thing. I only figured it out, like... a year ago." He admitted. She looked up at him. "Really?" "Really really." I shook my head. "You must really like that movie, don't you?" I asked Shane. He nodded. "Shrek is a theatrical masterpiece!" He exclaimed. Jordie giggled while I laughed. While all of this is going on, Nate and Hayley were off in their own little world, talking about something or other. Awe, aren't they cute together? 

    "How much longer are they going to be? They've been talking forever!" I whined. Okay, it had only been like five minutes but being the extra person in the room, not to mention, not knowing what Jason and Brown were talking about, I was getting restless. Wait, I have an idea. I pulled out my phone and started typing away. I mean, my fingers were flying. When inspiration hits me, I have to get it down or I'll forget it and I can't bear the thought of losing anything like that. As soon as I finished, Jason and Brown came back into the office. Jase had a big smile as he walked over to me. He pulled me close and rested his head on my shoulder and we just stood there like that for what felt like an eternity, even though, it was just a few moments. He pulled away, I inwardly frowned. "Come on." He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of Brown's office, leaving the others a little confused as was I. "Jase, where are we going?" I giggled, because of the goofy smile on his face. "Nope, just follow me." We got in the elevator and instead of going to the main floor, we went to the basement. "They moved my car down here so we can leave unnoticed," was all he would say. I'm getting just a bit irritated that he won't tell me anything. "Jase, where are we going? Please, tell me." He looked at me with that smile that makes me melt. "I want to take you somewhere where we can be alone. I have something to tell you."


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