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The one before that | The one after that

OIAM Chapter 9/?

A/N: In this chapter, texts are in Italics. 

  After we had made it away from the 'Stalkerazzi", as Jason has so affectionately called them, I recalled the loud thump from earlier. "Hey, guys, what was that loud bump on the floor before we were attacked?" I asked. "Yeah." Jason and Nate asked. The three other passengers started blushing. "Hales, spill." I say. "Well, Shane, Jordie and I were playing Twister in the dining room. Don't worry, we moved the table into the kitchen. And we hit left hand blue and we all got tangled and fell, hence the bump. But as soon as we hit, the cameras started going off."   

"Imagine how bad it's gonna look. Two pretty girls on top of one absolutely mouth watering rock star." Shane said. "It's pop star... wait... You think we're pretty?" Jordie asked. I sighed. "Shane, you're so full of yourself."

     "LET HIM ANSWER MY GOSH DARNED QUESTION!" Jordie yelled. Shane rubbed the back of his neck nervously and mumbled something. "What was that?" Jordie asked sweetly. "Yes." "Really?" "Really really." They stared into each others' eyes. 

    "I hate to break up your moment." "Then, don't." Jordie retorted. I turned and looked at Jason. "What are we gonna do? Those pictures are going to be everywhere and fast. Your label is going to freak out." "I know. That's where we headed, the label's office. Hopefully, they'll be able to put a positive spin on this." "I hate to bust your bubble but how?"

Nate chimed in, "Well..." "No, Nate, we're not telling the label that they're our mom's cousin's niece's cousin again." Jason said a little irritated. Nate pouted. "But it works!" Nate exclaimed. Shane nodded. "It's true, man... it ALWAYS works..." "Ohh, so does saying that we're friends from Finland... no one EVER checks up on Finland." Jordie stated. Hayley and I laughed. The guys looked at us odd, well, Shane and Nate did, while Jason kept his eyes on the road, but had that expression on his face.

We just watched 'Confessions of a Shopoholic' the other day." I explained. All three guys nodded, not wanting a further explanation. It was quiet for a few minutes, until Jordie yawned over dramatically. Jordie, not again.

Narrowly escaping stalkerazzi sure does wear me out." She said. I rolled my eyes, and then glanced at Hayley. We both knew what was coming. Jordie turned her head a bit so that she could look at Shane. "Do you think that I could use your shoulder as a pillow? Nate's a little short for me to lean on, and it hurts to tilt my head back." Jordie begged with her eyes, while Hayley and I watched. It was only a matter of seconds before... And there it is! As if on cue, Jordie started biting her bottom lip. So predictable...I can't believe she is pulling this on Shane. I felt like screaming, It's obvious that he likes you, you don't have to pull that crap.

Go ahead... it's not occupied." Jordie squealed quietly and then laid her head on his shoulder. You have got to be kidding me. Jason looked at them from the rearview mirror and grinned.

"They look cute together." He noted. I nodded. "Just wait. Any second now, she's going to...oh, just watch." I pointed to the rear view mirror. As if on cue, Jordie shivered and then whined "I'm cold!" I sighed...Jordie will be Jordie.

    What surprised me is the fact that Shane wrapped his arms around her, when there was a blanket right at his feet. Jordie snuggled closer to him, and then winked at me. I nudged Jason, "Told ya." He smiled.

"They seem to be moving a little fast, don't ya think?" I announced. "And we aren't?" He said jokingly. "We're different." "Oh, really?" "Uh-huh. The difference is, we're older, more mature and experienced. Jordie's at the same maturity level as a 3 year old... I don't know about Shane..." "He's just as mature." Jason said, cutting me off, making me laugh. "Perfect match, huh?" I asked. Jason laughed and shook his head in agreement.

    "WHY do you keep winning?" We heard Nate yell. I turned around and saw that Nate had his hand in a fist, and Hayley had her hand wrapped around it... Rock, Paper, Scissors. 
Hayley was the queen of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I guess Nate is figuring this out the hard way.

We finally arrived at their label's LA office. Unfortunately, they had someone waiting on them at the front door. Those pictures were out already? "Oh, great!" I heard Shane say as we pulled in to the parking lot. "Not Uncle Brown!" He whined, and then he sunk down, hoping not to be seen. Jordie, having actually fallen asleep on him, snorted in her sleep and then snuggled her face into his chest.

    Jason pulled into the closest parking place. We all climbed out except for Jordie and Shane. I think Shane has more than one reason for why he didn't  want to get out, besides the obvious not wanting to face his Uncle Brown, who was an executive at their label. It might be the girl who was slumbering peacefully in his lap and the thought of disturbing her was something he just didn't want to do. You could read it as plain as day on his face. I told him to go on, that I would get Jordie and make sure that she made it in. He sent a bittersweet smile toward me. He gently lifted her head and slid out of the seat before he laid it on the seat. She slightly moaned as she adjusted to Shane's lap no longer being there, causing him to frown. "Go on, pop star. She'll be up in a few minutes." Jase threw me the keys and a kiss.

    Once Hayley and the guys had got inside, I nudged her shoulder, "Hey, sleeping beauty, time to wake up." She didn't move. Okay, I guess it's time for desperate measures. "OH, MY, GOD!!! Who's that kissing Shane?" Jordie's body shot up, "Who is that little tranny and where is she? I'm gonna kill her!"

    I couldn't help but laugh. She didn't look intimidating at all. Her hair was sticking up in all different directions and her clothes were in a bit of disarray. A few seconds later, she looked at me with a very serious face, she has obviously woken up completely now, "Trish, I mean it. Where is the slut that kissed my Shaney?"

    I placed my hands on her shoulders," Jordz, chill,  there was no kiss. I just said it to get you up. I knew something like that would get you up fast." I added with a smirk on my face. I could see the anger building in her face, but then it suddenly changed into worry. "Where is Shane and the guys? And Hales for that matter?" She asked a little frantic. I guess she's thinking that Shane is gone and she's never gonna see him again and she didn't even get to say goodbye, even though we're still siting in his brother's car. "They're all inside," I pointed to the building behind me. "Now, let's get you presentable so we can go and join the others." A few minutes of straightening, adding makeup, and re-fixing her hair, she had finally said she was good enough to go inside. We walked into the building, after several attempts to get through the revolving door (I swear, we're crippled when it comes to those) and walked towards the elevator.

    "Uhm, Trish? Which floor do we go to?" Jordie asked quietly. I shrugged. I honestly had no idea. My phone started vibrating in my pocket, so I pulled it out and saw that I had a text from Jason.

we're on the 6th floor xoxo

    I smiled and re pocketed my phone. "What did lover boy say?" Jordie asked, sourly. I guess she was just jealous that I was getting texted and she wasn't. "6th floor." I said as we walked into the elevator. Jordie ran straight for the buttons and then frowned.

    "What's wrong?" I asked. "I can't find six." Wooooooow, Jord, really... "Check between five and seven?" I asked. Jordie scanned over the buttons again and smiled. "I found it, Trish! I found it!" She exclaimed like a 3 year old. I nodded. "Good for you, Jord... now PRESS THE STUPID BUTTON!" She blushed and then pressed it in while I had placed my head in my head as I shook it. She still amazes me at how childish she can be. We finally reached the floor where we were supposed to find the boys. The doors opened and we stepped out. 

    "Ms. Davis and Ms. Reid, please follow me." the receptionist said motioning toward the double doors at the other end of the building. No one has ever called me by my last name since I was in high school. I graduated a few years a ago while Jord is a senior and Hales is a sophomore. Their parents and mine have been good friends for a while, and we've been inseparable since we were little. So, it's just common knowledge that they would be with me on the weekends, especially now that I had my own place. We followed her as she turned right before we reached the doors and led us down the hall way to what was a small conference room.

    She opened the doors and Hales was sitting at the table by herself, on her phone. "Hales!" Jordie said, after the doors were closed behind us and we were told that the boys would be joining us in a few minutes, "Where are they?" She didn't look up from her phone, "They're in a meeting in their Uncle's office, those big doors you saw when you came in. They're working on what to tell the press. Personally, I think we should just tell the truth, tell them that we're 'friends' of the guys and they came over to hang out, and the 3 of us were playing Twister and we fell. Perfectly innocent." 

    "Hales, what is so important on that thing that you can't stop to look at us when you're talking to us?" I ask. She blushed, "Texting Nate." Jordie instantly started pouting. "Lucky." she whispered under her breath. "Jord, you two haven't exchanges numbers yet, that's why he hasn't texted you yet." 

    Hales' face lit up and her fingers started flying on her keyboard. I figured that Nate had said something really sweet. After sitting there for a few minutes of listening to Jordie pace and  whine about how stupid she was for not getting Shane's number yet, her phone started vibrating. She stopped and pulled it out and fell back on the couch I was sitting on. "Jord, you okay?" She turned her phone so I could see the screen. It was a text from Shane.
Hey there sleeping beauty... You awake yet? xox
How did.. I walked over to Hales and sat down beside her. "You had something to do with that, didn't you?" Hales smiled. "You know I can't stand to hear her whine, so I sent Nate Jordz' number to give to Shane." I pushed her shoulder. "You..." Hales cut me off "I know, I'm amazing." For the next few minutes, the only thing I heard was the constant clicking of the keys on their phones, the vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of Hayley's cell when she got a new text, and the sound of 'Use Somebody' by Kings of Leon everytime Jordie would get a text. I felt a little left out.
That can't be Hayley's phone, she's midway through a text, and Jordie hates having her phone on vibrate... by process of elimination, that meant it was my phone! No wonder my leg felt funny. I pulled it out and unlocked the screen.
Hello, Stranger :)

The text read. I giggled and pressed 'reply'

J: You know, you're a riot
T: I know you are but what am I?
J: Hopelessly in love with a man named Jason Gray?
T: Of course *rolls eyes*
J: You're mean :(
T: Whoever said that I was nice?
J: My auntie Billie and uncle Ray do
T: That's sweet of them... any reason for texting?
J: Shane and Nate were doing it...
T: Is that the ONLY reason?
J: I miss you!
T: Miss you too!

 I got no immediate response. Then I heard Jordie's phone, but no clicking, and then the Vrrrr of Hayley's cellphone, but again, no clicking. Then my phone went off.

This is Brown Cesario. Due to excessive texting, I have confiscated Jason's cellular device until our 'meeting' is over. Have a nice day.

I looked up at the girls and saw that they were pouting, which probably mirrored my expression.
"Jacked cell?" I asked.

"Yeah," they sighed in unison.


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