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The one before that | The one after that

OIAM Chapter 8/?

    Once we had reached the top of the stairs, we went to come out and we were verbally stopped. "Don't!!! They found us." Nate said, his hair wrapped up in a towel, looking extremely silly. "Who founds us?" Jason asked. I looked at Jason. "They?" I peeked around the corner to be blinded by flashing bulbs. I screamed, part from being blinded and part from being pulled back to where I was. "Stalkerazzi." He said.

     "That doesn't sound to pleasant." I commented. Jason nodded. "They're like vultures... they follow us around like crazy." "You know that they're never gonna leave." Shane said. "We have to get out of here." Nate said, pulling the towel off of his head. "You think we could all get out to your car to make a getaway?" Jordie asked. "Yeah. Good thing I brought the Navigator today." 

    "Okay, Jordie, Hayley, run upstairs and grab some hats and sunglasses for everyone, Nate and Shane, head toward us. We'll stay put till Jordz and Hales get back." Everyone shook their heads in agreement. "Okay, now go!" Jordz and Hales bolted up the stairs and Nate and Shane  started making their way over toward us where we were hiding in the stairwell that went to the basement. 

    "Don't you wish that you had kept your hair half straight?" I asked Nate. He glared at me and chose not to respond... fine, be that way. "Why is it taking so long for them to get a handfull of hats and sunglasses? It's not like they don't have a lot. Combined, they have enough hats to provide for every kid in third world countries, and then some!" I exclaimed. The guys were looking at me funny as Jordz and Hales finally joined us in our hiding spot. They passed out their findings. 

    "Okay, here's what we do. The door to the garage is at the end of this hall. We go, one at a time, to the garage and once we're all there, I'll grab the spare remote to the garage and we count to three and run for the Navigator." I winced. "Great! Let's do it!" Jason said. Awe, he's supporting my idea, not now! You have to get the pop stars out of the house!! "Ok, Nate, you go first." Nate slid out and bolted for the garage door. Hayley, Shane, Jordie and I followed suit. Jason was the last to get to the garage. Once we had made it to the garage, we all stood in a row behind the door. I glance at everyone, "Ready?" I say. Everyone shook their heads. I motioned 1,2,3 with my fingers and pushed the button with my finger. The garage door silently opened (Thank you Mom and Dad for putting in the state-of-the-art stuff in my house) which did not draw any attention to us as we made it to the car. We all got in and thought we where home free....until Shane slammed his door shut. "Here they come! Jason, hit it!" Jason turned it on, threw it in reverse, got on the street and took off.


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