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The one before that | The one after that

OIAM Chapter 5/?

    I open the door to see Jason and his brothers standing at my front door. It was kinda surreal. "Trish, sweetie, you okay?" I know I heard him but it was like my mouth and brain wouldn't work. Jason rolled his eyes and leaned in and kissed me. My brain finally kicked in and I embraced him as we kissed. "Wow." "Hello to you too." He smiled. "Let me introduce my brothers, Shane and Nate." "It's very nice to meet you both." I said. I went to shake Shane's hand first but he surprised me when he pulled me into a hug. And Nate followed suit. "Okay, so it won't be hard to figure out which one is which. Jordie is in the white shirt with the colorful tie and Hayley is in the pink and green. Jordie likes Shane and Hales like Nate. Oh, and just to warn you,  Shane, Jordie might be a tiny bit overly protective you." I finished, biting my finger tip. "And why is that?" He asked, looking very confused. I pulled the frail picture from my pocket and showed it to him. "She has had this signed picture of you in her wallet for over a year and half, and I was very evil and took it from her, so you could get her a new one." He took the picture from me. "Wow. I can't believe you got it from her." 
    "Okay, enough talking. We have two girls to surprise." I said to get us back on track. "Now, you two just hang back for a second, because it will be chaos for just one Gray, not to mention all three. " I grabbed Jason's hand and pulled him into the kitchen. "Look who's here!" I said as we entered the room. Jason introduced himself to Hales and greeted Jordie, who were still just a bit star stuck. "Now, if you ladies don't mind, I brought some friends with me. Would you like to meet them?" Jordie and Hayley's eyes about popped out of their heads. They were able to get 'sure' out. "Guys?" He said, sticking his head out the door into the hall. When Shane and Nate came in, Jordie and Hayley were speechless for a moment then grabbed me and pulled me outside. As I was being taken, I called to the boys,"We'll be right back!"

  Once we were in the back yard, I asked them, "What is wrong with you two? I...." OWWWWWWW! They had to scream... and they had to make me come along. 
"Dudes... not cool." I said. Jordie pulled me into a hug.

     "I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Not as much as I love Shane, but, I LOVE YOU!" She yelled in my ear. I heard a knock from the window, so I turned my head around and saw Jason looking out the window. He slid it open and leaned out a bit.

     "We can hear you, you know." He announced. Jordie blushed and let go of me, while Hayley just laughed her head off. "Can it, half breed." Jordie shot. Hayley stuck her tongue out. "Shut it, Vamp." Hayley retorted. Jordie pouted. "IT WAS 2 BUG BITES PARALLEL TO EACH OTHER, I SWEAR TO GOD!" 
     And with that, Jordie stomped back into the house. We followed her, firstly to make sure that she didn't do anything stupid, and secondly, because it had started raining, and Hayley and I didn't want to ruin our hair.  We walked back into the kitchen with the guys still waiting on us to eat. They're all gentlemen, albeit, Shane was getting a little impatient. "We ready to eat yet?" Nate smacked him on the back of the head. "Dude! Impatient much?" He asked. "Seriously, Trish, can we eat? I'm hungry!" Jordie whined. I rolled my eyes. "You're always hungry." I stated. Jordie shrugged. "So what? I still look good." She said smugly. I could have sworn that I heard Shane say 'she sure does.' Ohhh, I smell love in the making!! 

 "Okay, let's eat before it gets cold!" I announce. Everyone else got in line to fix their plate while I grabbed two extra plates and glasses for Shane and Nate. "Here ya go ,boys!" We all gathered around the table. Jason and myself, then Jordie and Shane, followed by Nate and Hayley. We spent the next hour, eating and getting to know each other, and it stopped raining before we finished. Both Shane and Jordie and Hayley and Nate started getting cozy during lunch. 
    "Ahh, it stopped raining." Jason stated. "Why don't we go to the basement?" I hinted. "What's in the basement?" Nate asked. "Let's go down there and find out, shall we?" I lead the way from the kitchen to the door to the basement. "Guests first," I gestured to the boys, "And I won't take no for an answer." as I lightly shoved Jason onto the first step. Jason lead the way as his brothers followed. "Where's the switch?" Jason asked, being that it was dark down there. "Ready?" we asked. Before they could answer, I flipped the switch to reveal the ultimate media room. In one corner was several guitars, a drum set, a keyboard and a few microphones attached to a computer and sound system. There is a video gaming corner. I had all the gaming consoles you could think of and everything you would need for them. A pool table, a air hockey table, a pinball table, a karaoke machine, a card table, a dart board  and a few couches was spread throughout the rest of the space. "So, what do you think?" I asked. Shane and Nate looked at each other then back at me. "I think that we might be coming over more often, if it's okay with you?" Shane asked.

     "Of COURSE it's okay with us! Hang, if you wanna stay here, that's fine too!" Jordie exclaimed. "Smooth, Vamp." Hayley said sarcastically, and then Jordie gave her 'the death glare.' 

    "I know, I'm like... a smooth criminal!" Shane just stared at her. "What? Is there something on my face?" Jordie asked. "You like Michael Jackson?" Shane asked slowly. "He's, like, super cramazing... of COURSE I like him... No... I idolize him!" Jordie added as an after thought. "Marry me?" Shane asked. Jordie giggled and rolled her eyes.

 I burst out laughing when I heard Jordie speak again. With a thick and believable southern accent (and I know one when I hear it, spending several summers in Georgia), she said, "Why, Mr. Gray, I do declare!" She then proceded to playfuly slap his arm.

    To prevent another awkward moment, I chimed in, "So what do you guys wanna do first?" Right as I finished getting the words out of my mouth, Shane and Nate had noticed the Rockband setup for the Wii and yelled,"Rock Band!!!" and bolted for it. Jordie and Hayley followed them, shaking their heads and giggling. 

    "What about you?" Jason pointed to the acoustic guitar that was set by the drum set. "May I?" "Of course." "A Barry Dudley?" he asked confused. "Yeah, I know the guy. Back when I was little, he dated and was engaged to my aunt and we, my brother and I, called him Uncle Barry. Later on, he started his own guitar shop in Atlanta and he's getting popular. And he made and sent me an custom acoustic guitar for my 20th birthday. It's my favorite."  He started strumming the strings. "Wow, what sound. It's so pure." We went and sat on one of the couches. I leaned over and whisper-sang in his ear, "Sing sing to me" He laughed, then strummed and continued the song, "Sing me something I need, Sing new, sing good, God I wish that I could." we laughed. After we stopped, he started strumming 'Good to You'. "Is that going to be our song?" I asked. "I just feels right singing it to you."
 He leaned toward me and our lips almost touch when....


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