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OIAM Chapter 3/?

    After we left the theater, we were heading toward the downtown area. "Are you sure you want to go somewhere down here? You're gonna be recognized."
     "Not where we're heading." he replied as we turned into a parking deck. After we parked and helped me out, he grabbed a pair of sunglasses and a hat out of the backseat. "Thought that you said that no one would recognize you?" "Where we're eating, yes, but getting there, maybe." We walked out of the parking deck and we walked about a block to a place called Ray's. "Welcome to Uncle Ray's" he said as he held the door open for me. "Uncle?" "Yeah, my mom's older brother. He's very protective of her and maybe even more so toward me and my brothers. It's kind of like having a guard dog, except he can let himself outside to pee, and he's not as fluffy."
     "Hey! I think that I'm fluffy! And your aunt does too."

"Uncle Ray!" he said as he embraced what looks and sounds like his favorite uncle. "Uncle Ray, may I introduce my new friend, Trisha Davis." Wow, he actually remembered my last name. I know I only mentioned once. "Trisha, This is my Uncle Ray, oh and here's Aunt B! Can we go some where a little less public before I'm noticed, please?"

     "Oh, yeah! Right this way, please." As 'Uncle Ray', as he had expressed that was what I should call him, led the way to a private dining floor, Jason held my hand. And not just like a friendly holding of hands. When our fingers laced together, our hands just melded together, like they were made to fit each other. Not to mention the sparks that I felt. It seriously felt like I was holding onto a live wire, but I didn't want to let him go. Uncle Ray led us to a table on the top floor. 

    The whole place had a 50's-ish vibe to it. There was all kinds of different memorabilia from the fifties, records hanging from the ceiling, an authentic jukebox, that still has fifties music in it, and all kinds of items on the walls. Jason pulled out my chair for me. OK, so, I have decided he is so not gay. Internal squeal. He sat down opposite me and grabbed a menu that was balanced on the napkin rack and handed me one. "So, what's good here?" I say, opening the menu and glancing at the pages.
     "Ray's burger with extra mayo, no pickles, and a side of sweet potato fries. That's my usual order. That or a smoked meat sandwich." "That first one sounds good, just no onions on mine and I would like a cherry coke to drink." 
    "Look at the menu. Ray's Burger- hamburger with Monterrey jack cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce , mushrooms. There are no onions to be found. The burger actually dates back to when my uncle and my mom would experiment in the kitchen... this was her favorite. She hated onions." "That sounds like the perfect burger." 
    "It is. I've always ordered it since I was able to put solid food in my mouth." Instantly, I imagined a little Jason shoving bits of burger in his mouth. If that image wasn't cute, I don't know what is.
     "Can I take your order?" Aunt Billie Jean asked. "Yeah, we'll both have Ray's burger with extra mayo, no pickles, with a side of sweet potato fries. Also, 2 cherry colas." He said. Aunt Billie Jean smiled and pinched his cheeks. "My little Jason's got himself a girlfriend!" She cooed. Jason blushed.
     "Aunt B!" He whined. Meanwhile, I was sitting in my seat, laughing at the interaction. "She's a very pretty girl, Jase." I heard her whisper to him. He glanced at me and nodded. "I know."
     "Anyways, dolls, I'm going to go get your drinks. Be back in a tick!" Once she left, Jason rotated to look at me. "Sorry 'bout that, you know how family can be."
     "I like your family. They're... special. PLUS, your auntie called me pretty." He blushed again... aw. How cute. "You heard that?" He asked. I nodded. "And I heard your response. Thank you." I blushed a bit. We just sat there, lost in each others' gaze. We just stayed like that for a while. Jason was the first to break the silence, "I can't believe that never noticed those before."
    "Noticed what?" I nervously asked, running my fingers through my hair, putting a curl behind my ear. He reached across the table and in one soft and swift motion, he pulled the curl I had just subconsciously moved from behind my ear and placed his hand on my cheek. "Your eyes, they're absolutely gorgeous and the most resplendent shade of blue I have ever seen." I almost literally melted at his touch and his words. I can't believe underneath that silly, simpleminded and boyish exterior was a mature, sensible and... well just plain wonderful man. I saw him look down at my lips, and then inch his face closer to mine, and my mind started going frantic. OH MY GOD, HE'S GONNA KISS ME. Closer... closer... COME CLOSER, IDIOT! I could taste his breath on my lips, that's how close he was. And then...
    "Two cherry colas!" Aunt Billie Jean said as she placed the drinks in front of us. We jumped apart and we both looked at her with annoyed expressions on our faces. "I interrupted something, didn't I?" She asked , setting the colas on the table.
    "It's no big deal, Auntie B." Jason said to her. 'It's no big deal'... he doesn't like me. Aunt B left the cherry colas in front of us, and then went back to the kitchen. Instead of talking to Jason, I stared at my cherry cola and played with my straw. "Trish, are you okay?" He asked. I shook my head and continued playing with my straw. "Did I say something?" I nodded and pushed my drink away from me and he sighed. "Was it something along the lines of 'It's no big deal, Auntie B'?" He asked. Again, I nodded. I felt his fingers push my chin upwards, so I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt what felt like lips on my own. I opened my eyes and saw that Jason was, indeed, kissing me. I closed my eyes and deepened the kiss, while my fingers found their way into his curls and his hands were on my cheeks. We finally pulled apart, but just slightly, when we needed to breathe. "Wow." was all I could say. This caused him to smile. He took his right hand from my cheek and took a hold of my right one and kissed the top of my hand. He laid our clasped hands on the table. Wow, anyone who knows me knows that it takes a while for me to get this close to some one, but Jason is different somehow. Good different.
    We were sitting there just staring at each other, again. "What are you thinking about right now?" Jason asked, finally breaking the silence. I blushed, " Promise you won't laugh?" He cracked a grin and sang, "Cross my heart and hope to die." I giggled at his reference to another Marianas Trench song. "Okay, being truthfully honest, I was thinking about how wonderful you are and how lucky I am to have found wonderful you." 

    "No, I'm the lucky one." he replied, with a sparkle in his eyes. We started to lean in to kiss again, but just as we started we heard Aunt B coming up the stairs with our food. "Here we go!! Enjoy!" she said, as she sat our plates in front of us, but instead of walking away, she just stood there staring at us. Jason cleared his throat, "Umm, Aunt B, don't you think Uncle Ray needs help downstairs?" 
    "Oh, silly me, you two love birds want to be left alone. There's a button on the wall behind you. If you need anything, just press it." And she was gone, thank God. "Actually, I'll be right back. You be okay for a few minutes?" I laughed, "Yes, I'll be fine but don't be gone too long." He went to the stairs, turned back and blew me a kiss, and skipped down the stairs. OMG! Could he be any more amazing? 
    A few minutes later, he reappeared. "You haven't touched your food?" I smiled, "No, I was waiting on you, silly." I replied, as he sat back in his seat. After we ate, by the way, best burger EVER, talked and laughed, he took my hand, "Would you honor me with a dance?" Before I could respond, he had pulled me out of my seat and into his arms. We walked over to the jukebox and he picked a song. As the beginning of the fifties song started, he lead me to the middle of the floor. It was "Earth Angel" by the Penguins. We waltzed and floated across the floor. When the song was over, I noticed a new song playing, but it wasn't coming from the jukebox. It was coming from the stairs. It was my favorite song off MT's new album, "Good to you". Jason started singing along with the music as we danced across the floor.

Every one's around, 
No words are coming now 
And I can't find my breath 
Can we just say the rest with no sound. 

And I know this isn't enough, 
I still don't measure up. 
And I'm not prepared; 
Sorry is never there when you need it

And I do 
Want you to know 
I'll hold you up above everyone
And I do 
Want you to know I think 
You'd be good to me and 
I'd be so good to you. 
I would

"Sing with me." He whispered in my ear. I couldn't help but sing along.

I thought I saw a sign 
Somewhere between the lines
But maybe it's me, 
Maybe I only see what I want. 
I still have your letter, 
Just got caught between 
Someone I just invented, 
Who I really am and who I've become

And I do 
Want you to know 
I'll hold you up above everyone
And I do 
Want you to know I think 
You'd be good to me and 
I'd be so good to you. 

At this point, we stopped dancing was just standing there singing to each other.

Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa 
I would 

As the music picked back up, Jason has us waltzing again.

And I do 
Want you to know 
I'll hold you up above everyone
And I do 
Want you to know I think 
You'd be good to me and 
I'd be so good to you.  

I'd be good to you
I'd be good to you
I'd be good to you
I'd be so good to you. 

I'd be good to you
I'd be good to you
I'd be good to you
I'd be so good to you. 

     When the song ended, we shared the most perfect kiss ever. Allie & Noah had nothing on us. (The Notebook reference, for all of you who don't know) I didn't want it to end, but as we all know, all good things come to an end. When it did, he leaned his forehead against mine. "Want to go for a walk?" He asked. I nodded because I was speechless. We walked downstairs, my arm around his waist and his across my shoulders. We peeked to make sure that no one was in the foyer before we came all the way down. Uncle Ray and Auntie B were talking to each other, but they stopped as we came off the stairs. "Aww, ain't you two cute?" 

     "How much do I owe you, Uncle Ray?" Jason pulled out his wallet. Uncle Ray held his hand up, "Nope, it's on the house tonight." "Are you sure?"
"Yep! Now you two have a good rest of your night." "Thanks, Uncle Ray! Night, Auntie B!" "Thank you so much. It was wonderful. Night." Jason grabbed his hat from the hook by the door as we headed out. 
    When we walked out the front door, Jason had put his hat and sunglasses on and had given me a pair to put on so we could hide our identities as much as we could to make it to the car. 

    After about a ten minute drive, we arrived at a park with a lake and beach. Thankfully, there was no one else around, so we got to lose the disguises.  

    We took our shoes off and walked down the beach, with the full moon reflecting off the still smooth surface of the water being the only source of light we needed. We walked and talked and kissed until midnight. Only reason we stopped at midnight was Jason's phone wouldn't stop going off. Apparently, even though Jason was a legal adult, he still had a curfew. The band was trying to keep up a clean image because they have a lot of younger fans. "I don't want to go, but I do have to be at an early morning radio interview in a few hours." "Oh, well, I guess we need to go then." "You're not upset, are you?" I laughed. "What? No, you've been a superstar for a few years now and you just met me today, I don't expect you to drop everything that you have accomplished to be with me." Jason pulled me close, "You are completely amazing."

    As we finally made our way to the car and on the way home, we started making plans for tomorrow. After the interview, the guys were free for the rest of the day. So, at lunch time, I was to get the girls over to my place. Then, Jason is bring the guys over to meet me and my friends. We pulled into my driveway and Jason cut off his 'incognito' car, as he called it. It's a deep sapphire 2009 Nissan Murano LE.  It's so nice. I can't wait to see his other cars. "Well, see you tomorrow." he leaned in to kiss me, but I put my finger up to block his lips. "Don't you mean later? It's almost one in the morning." He frowned against my finger. "Awe, poor baby, here left me fix that." I moved my finger and replaced it with my lips. I felt him smile before he deepened the kiss. I pulled away. "You have to go. You have to be bright and perky for that interview in a few hours." He frowned again. "One more quick one for the road?" and gave him a quick peck and slid out of the car and shut the door. I ran to the front door. I unlocked the door and opened it and went back out on the porch. I leaned over the railing and blew him a kiss and waved goodbye. I stood there until his car was no longer visible. I walked back inside and shut and locked the front door.

    "It's a little late, isn't?"

I whirl around to see Jordie and Hayley in their pajamas, standing at the bottom of the stairs.  "OMG, guys! Scare me to death next time, why don't ya?"

    They looked at each other. Then at me. I'm getting a little scared. They got behind me and push me up the stairs. "What's going on?"
"We got to get you into your Pj's so you can tell us what kept you out so late."
     After an half of an hour, we were all sitting on my king-sized bed, in our pajamas, and I had given them a few, but not all the details. "Awe, come on, Trish, you know we want more than that!!" I yawned. "Tell ya what, let's get some sleep and I'll divulge more details later, okay?" They finally conceded and went to their rooms. Yes, my best friends have their own rooms in my house. My parents gave me this really awesome house for my birthday last year. It's a huge 4 bedroom/3 bathroom ranch house. Both of my parents are real estate agents and what is called flippers. They buy houses that need repair and/or updating and then sell them to make a profit. I think my house started as a flip but they gave it to me instead.
    I laid back in my bed and let today's events play like a movie in my mind, but it was kinda like one of the 4-D movie, where you wear the 3-D Glasses so the screen jumps out at you and you could feel things that were happening. Like I could feel Jason's arms when he caught me, the sparks when he held my hand, and the fireworks the first time we kissed. I let it play over and over and I feel into the best sleep I had had in ages.

OIAM Chapter 2/?

    We bolted out of the coffee shop and to his car. "Left out of the parking lot." I gave him round about directions to my house to hopefully lose the crazed fans. Fortunately, between his driving and my knowledge of the side streets, it took us no time to lose them. About 10 minutes later, we arrived at my house. "Okay, since we had a little detour, I'll give you till 5:45 to get ready?" he said after we came to a stop in my drive way.  "Sure, what's the attire for the evening?" 
    "Umm, casual, okay with you?" "Sounds good. Just let your self in when you get back, okay? I'll leave the front door unlocked." I said as I got out of the car, but before I did, I kissed his smooth cheek. I quickly pulled back and skipped towards my front door. I stepped inside but I leaned back out to wave good bye. He was sitting there with a big goofy smile on his face while his hand rested where my lips had just been. I went back in and shut the door. I leaned up against the door and slid down to the floor. I can't believe I just did that!! I have never kissed a boy, even on the cheek, the first day that I met him. It's just that there is something about him...I just don't know...He just make me feel so at ease, I can just be myself, no charades or deceptions to try to be someone else to get the guy to like me. He likes me for me. Why am I still sitting here? I got up and started for the kitchen to grab a drink of water before heading upstairs.
    "I've been waiting for you for a while." A creepy voice said from the stairs. I turned around quickly and saw Jordie sitting on the bottom step with her 'beauty bag'. Uh oh. I moved to leave, but she got up and grabbed my arm. "No, you don't! A little birdy told me that YOU have a date tonight!" She squealed. I rolled my eyes.
    "He said casual dress." I said monotonically. "When a guy like Jason Gray says 'casual' he really means 'I want you to look at LEAST really pretty." She said as she patted her 'beauty bag'. "Now, UP THOSE STAIRS! LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT!" OMG, is she a drill sergent or something? I sighed and walked up the stairs as slowly as I could with her behind me. "Okay, so, what happened after we left? Come on, spill!!!"  I let out a frustrated sigh as fell back on my bed. "Why is it that once I finally give up on boys, I, literally, fall for 'the one'. I mean, doesn't that sound like it just came out of a storybook? There has to be a catch, right? I mean, he's perfect." "Dang, girl, sounds like you got bit by the love bug... again." "Ahhh, you had to use one of his songs, didn't you?" Jordie giggled. "I know, I'm evil."  
    After an hour of being primped, pampered, and pestered by my best friend, I walked out of my bedroom with black capri leggings and a dark purple dress covered in light purple and white daisy petals and a white cropped cardigan. My hair had went from board straight to hanging large ringlets around my head with a black headband with  a black flower that sat on the side of my head. After adding matching jewelry, black ballet flats and clutch, I was deemed ready to go. Trisha's Outfit Just as I reached the top of the stairs, Jason walked in and yelled, "Hello? Trish? Where are you?" When he reached the bottom of the stairs, I cleared my throat to get his attention. He looked up to see me coming down. His jaw dropped and once I got to the bottom of the stairs, I pushed it back into place. "You better stop that or you're gonna catch flies in your mouth."
      "Will you be one of those flies?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and slapped his arm playfully. Suddenly, I heard Jordie jumping down the stairs, 3 at a time, as usual. "Hi there!" She said happily. "I'm the stereotypical best friend who's here to tell you that if you hurt my Trisha Bear, I will murder you." Jason stared at her like she was crazy, while I glared at her, and then she laughed. "I'm kidding. I'm Jordan Ariel, but all of my friends call me Jordie, so... You can call me Jordie if you want." She stuck out her hand, and Jason took it hesistantly. Jordie leaned over to me and whispered, "Can I have my fangirl moment now?" I nodded and plugged my ears, and just before Jason was able to copy my movement,  Jordie turned around and started jumping up and down. "OH MY GOD, I JUST SHOOK HANDS WITH A GRAY! OH! MY! GOD! AH!" She squealed. She took a deep breath, "Ok, I'm done." She turned around to see me giggle and Jason holding his ears with his eyes closed. I bumped his shoulder. He peeked and asked, "Is she done yet?"  I grabbed his hand pulled it out of his ear and said, "Yes, she's done." "Sorry." Jordie apologized.

    "If this is how you react around Jason, I'd hate to see you around Shane." I said. Jason looked at me, confusion evident on his face. "Energizer bunny here is obsessed with Shane."
    "Is that so?" He asked. Jordie nodded. "In my wallet, I have a picture of him opposite my license picture, so that when I close my wallet, my face is near his." Jordie said dreamily, and then she pulled her wallet out to show him.
     "You know, that picture looks a little worn out." He noted. Jordie nodded. "Maybe you're in need of a new one... Oh look at the time! We're going to be late!" He said, and then he took my hand *sigh* and quickly lead me out of my house.
    "What was that all about back there?" I asked. Jason smiled at me. "Shane owes me a really big favor, so I think that maybe it's time for him to make up for it." He hinted. "Jason, you wouldn't? She would absolutely die." He smiled as he opened my door for me and helped me in. When he got in, he said, "And let me guess, your other friend from the coffee shop loves my other brother, right?" 
    "Well, now that you mention it..." "I knew it." "Wait, Jason, I...." "No, no, I'm not mad, it's just most groups of girl fans just like Shane and Nate, so I was just guessing." I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. "Just to get this straight... You're a Jason fan, right?"
    "No... I'm so a Nate fan. I mean, look at him! He's so little, I'd just feel like a pedophile next to him. Isn't that just the best feeling in the world?" I said sarcastically. There's that laugh again. "Honestly, I don't LIKE like your brothers... they're not... manly enough."

    "What defines manly for you?" He asked, keeping his eyes on the road. I bit my lip nervously, and then leaned over and stroked one of his sideburns. "Sideburns, definetly." He smiled.

"So, am I manly enough for you?" "Yes." I said quickly, and then I ducked my head down so that he wouldn't see me blush. I heard him chuckle. Through the curly curtain that is my hair, I saw him reach for his iPod and turn it on. He pressed play, and I was instantly greeted by the song 'All to Myself' by Marianas Trench... my second favorite band.

"No way! You're an MT fan?" I asked. "Since 2002, you?" "Same. They're simply amazing. Jordie used to live in the same neighborhood that they're from until she move down the street from me in 2001." 

"Really? That's cool." "I love this song. It's one of my favorites." "Mine too... that's why I have it on 'My Faves' play list." "Do you mind if I...?" I motioned towards his iPod. He handed it to me and smiled.

"Knock yourself out... just ignore the Taylor Swift stuff... uh... That's my mom's." He said lamely. I laughed and scrolled through his stuff.

"That's why you have it on 'My Faves' play list." I used his own words against him. He blushed and I laughed. "It's alright. Her songs get stuck in my head a lot... Oh my god! You like Architecture in Helsinki?" I asked.

"Yup... discovered them on iTunes about a week ago... got hooked. Shane and Nate are threatening to confiscate my iPod if I don't stop playing their music."

"You know, they can confiscate your music, but they cannot confiscate your KNOWLEDGE of the music." He looked at me oddly. "Jordie and Hayley confiscated my iPod for the same thing, except it was Paramore... so I decided to sing 'That's What You Get' as loudly and off key as possible in their ears until they gave it back."

"Wow, Trish, you's a bitch." He laughed with a smile on his face. "When I want to be. Wait, don't tell me that you love 'Juno' too?" I asked.

One In A Million Chapter 1/?

Okay, gang!!! Here is a new story by me and my friend Jordiie!!! And, yes, this story is inspiried by Hannah Montana's song "One In A Millon"! (My iPod was on shuffle and it came on,  and the ideas just started flowing!!)

    I walked into the Starbucks and looked for my best friends. They were in the back of the coffee shop on the sofa, leaving the middle open for me. I had called them here because I had, once again, and for the last time, broken up with my boyfriend, Ryan. They had already bought me my usual beverage for when I need to drown my sorrows, a venti strawberries and creme frappucchino (not exactly healthy, but it's yummy) and it was sitting on the table, waiting on me as well. I plopped down in between Hayley and Jordie, grabbed my drink took a big sip and then sat it back down on the table and pulled my knees to my chest with my arms wrapped around them.
     "Trish, what happened this time?" Hayley asked as I sat down.
Flashback to about an hour ago

    "Don't even say it, Ryan! Just save it!" I screamed at him, thought my tears. "Say... what?"
    "Oh, don't act all sweet and innocent, with me, mister! I found what you were really doing last night when you canceled our  big anniversary date." I didn't even give him a chance to rebut. "Mitchie saw you at the club with Tess  last night." Ryan had a confused look on his face. "I don't know what you're talking about, babe." He reached out to try to console me. I jerked away, "Oh, more lies, Ryan? Mitchie said she talked to you. As a matter of fact, she said you were so drunk, you didn't even know who she was and you asked her out and gave her your number."
    "Okay, I know that didn't happened, I never give out..." I cut him off, handing him the napkin that he wrote his number on and gave to Mitchie. "Then WHAT is this? AND you were drinking again and you got drunk off your @**!! You know how I feel about that and you don't respect that or me, do you? You know what, Ryan, it's over, and I mean it this time. I'm not taking you back, not after you pulled this stunt AGAIN!!" I threw my copy of his apartment key at him, grabbed the box of my things that I had left at his place and slammed the door behind me.

End Flashback

  "NO WAY!! He canceled your anniversary date to go clubbing with her. Well, after everything that's happened, I say good riddance!" Hayley said, once I finished my story. "Thanks, Hayley." The tears started falling again. "Hey, it's gonna be okay. You'll find the right guy." I cut Jordie off. "No, I'm not. I'm tired of trying to make my relationships work. That's it. I'm done. I'm giving up on love and that's that." Sadness and determination were evident in my voice and tears were falling form my eyes like Niagara Falls. After about an hour of Jordie and Hayley trying to convince me to stick it out a little while longer, that the right guy could be right around the corner and I could miss him, my tears had dried and my face had cleared up because I had gone from upset about my breakup to pissed at guys in general really quick. I got up and said, "I'm sorry, guys, but I'm just tired of trying. I'll see you guys around."
  As I went to turn around, they both tried to get my attention and I just kept going. As I was turning, my foot got caught on a leg of the table that was in front of the couch we were sitting on and I was heading for a face plant, when two arms stuck out of nowhere and caught me about half way down.
  "Whoa, easy does it. Are you okay?" I heard from the arms that caught me. Oh, great, it had to be a guy. I look up and everything changed. I see this really cute guy with a smile to die for and head full of curls that are just screaming to run my fingers though them. I took me a few seconds to find my voice. "You're gor... I mean...I'm okay, thanks."
  The handsome stranger helped me back to my feet. "Hi, I'm Jason Gray." He extended his hand to shake mine. I took it and it caused sparks to go off all though out my body and butterflies to go crazy in my stomach. No, stop, you just met the guy, you just got out of a relationship. At most, you're going to be friends. That's it.
  "I'm Trisha Davis." "It's nice to meet you, Trisha. So, do you wanna get something to drink?" I could tell that he was kinda nervous. Heck, I was too. I think he likes me too. This might be the best thing to happen to me in a long time. What am I saying? Anyways... After I ordered, he insisted that since it was his idea to get something to drink that he should pay, I tried to argue that I could handle paying for my own drink, but he wouldn't hear it, I finally gave in and let him pay. Now that I think about it, he was being a gentleman. Dang, you don't find many of them anymore. Oh no! What if he's gay?!
  We went and sat at a little table in the back of the coffee shop, near where my friends where still sitting there watching us. "Jason, excuse me for just a second while I get rid of some peeping toms." I nodded my head in the direction of where they were sitting and mouthed 'my friends'. He responded," Ahh, no problem. Take your time."
  I walked back over to the couch. "Don't you guys have anything better to do that sit around and watch me talk to a really cute guy?" I hissed. I got no response. "Hello?!?! Earth to Jordie and Hayley!!" I waved my hands in front of their faces and it still didn't work. It was time for drastic measures. I placed one hand on either sides of their faces and gave them both a small slap. Hopefully, that will wake them up. They both held their cheek where I had smacked them, "Welcome back to reality. Now, what has got you two so phased?"
  They pulled me down so they could whisper in my ear. "Do you have any clue who you are talking to?!?!?!" Jordie almost whisper-squealing in my ear. "Yeah, he said his name was Jason Gray."
  "That's The Jason Gray from Connect 3, probably one of the hottest bands ever!!!" Hayley added. "So? Even though he's a superstar doesn't mean that he's not a person too!! Plus, if you two say anything about him being here to anyone, I'll hunt you down. Poor guy probably just came in here to get a drink and relax. He doesn't need to be pummeled by fans and photographers. Look, you know I love you guys, but it's a little weird trying to get to know the guy with you two gawking and eavesdropping." I said, hoping they could take the hint.
  Thank God, Jordie got it. "Umm, well, we gotta go." "What? No we..." Jordie gave her a quick elbow to the ribs. "Ow!! What was that for?" Jordie whispered in her ear but I'm probably sure that she was saying that I wanted to be left alone with him. "Oh, yeah, we gotta go now... Do that thing... with that person... at that place..." Hayley finally got it. She grabbed Jordie's arm and pulled her out the door. As they we leaving, Jordie put her hand to her ear and mouthed, "Call me!! Details!" I shook my head as I walked back to the table.
  He was on his phone when I got back to the table. He smiled when he noticed me getting back in my seat. "Hey, man, I gotta go. I'll meet up with you later. No, I will not pick you up a brownie... Because I'm gonna be here a while! See ya." He hung up and stashed his phone back in his pocket. "Sorry about that.." we said in unison. We laughed. Wow, he has an amazing laugh. Wait, no, no falling. "What are you sorry for?" I asked. "Well, I was hoping to be done with that phone call before you got back."
  "Probably one of your brothers, I imagine?" "Yeah, how'd you guess?" he replied. "Well, just because I didn't fawn over you when I met you doesn't mean I don't know who you are, superstar." I whispered. "Don't worry. I won't say anything and I know my friends won't because they know that I would kill them." There's that amazing laugh again. Argh!! I gotta stop that!! "Yeah, it was Shane. He was looking for me and when he heard that I was here, he tried to get me to bring him back something. You ever killed anyone before?" He asked, only half seriously. I nodded.
  "My granny with a hammer." I joked. Man, that laugh is going to be the death on me. After we had spent the next two hours talking, laughing and cutting up, he asked me a question, "So, what are you doing later on tonight?" OMG!! Is he asking me out? I don't have any plans. I know I just broke up with the jerk but there's just something about him that just feels right. "Not really, why do you ask?"
  "I was just wondering if you would like to go to dinner and a movie. I would really like to talk to you some more.It's...I don't know what the word is...” “Refreshing?” I interjected. “Yeah! It's nice to actually find someone to talk to who doesn't care about the fame and just wants to talk to Jason not Jason Gray of Connect 3. Do you get what I mean?" Aww, he's really cute when he rambles. Ahh, no. No. Aww, forget it.
  "Truth is, I've been following you around for days. This wasn't a coincidental bump in." I said, trying to keep my voice as serious as possible. His eyes got as big as quarters. I couldn't take it anymore, how could I lie to that face. "I'm just kidding, I'm not that great of an actress." He let out a breath and relaxed.
  "So anyways, I was wondering... Can I have your number? Can I? Can I have it?" He asked. I let out a giggle and he grinned at me. "I absolutely LOVE that skit, from MadTV, right?" I asked, hoping that I wasn't making a fool out of myself. He nodded. "Yes, I love it too!"
  I stuck my hand out, gesturing for him to give me his phone. He pulled out of his pocket and went to hand it to me but pulled it back real fast, "How do I know you're not going to take my phone and run?" I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "Okay, one, why would I take your phone, and two, you can trust me, right?" I added the puppy dog look at the end, just for fun, but apparently, it worked like a charm. He smiled and gladly handed over his phone. As I entered my info into his phone, I noticed that my phone wasn't laying on the table anymore. I looked up to see that it was in his hands. As soon as he had handed me his, he grabbed mine to put his info in. I smiled and shook my head. After we finished, we handed each other's phones back.
  "So, where do I need to pick you up?" "I put my address in your phone. Just stick it in your maps app and voilà, instant directions." I grabbed his phone and demonstrated how to do it. "Ahh, so that's how it works." "Yup. and you're picking me up at what time?" "5 o'clock. Why?" "It's almost 4 now." I stated, almost panicked. I didn't have enough time to get ready. "Well, do you have a car here?" "No, I walked 7 blocks to get here." "Well, I can solve that problem." He stood up and pulled his keys from is pocket and helped me out of my chair. "After you."

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It's JASON GRAY!!!!" We heard some girl scream. "Oh, no. Run!!"

CR:BTSAB Chapter 38/?

Chapter 38 – Our Trip to Hollywood – What a Roller Coaster Ride!!!

Nick's POV

After we got settled in our Hollywood hotel penthouse suite, we went our separate ways; Kevin, Joe and I went to the studio for rehearsal while, Trisha, Demi, Andy, Jordie, Aly and Drew went shopping. I kinda felt sorry, leaving him with all those girls on Rodeo Drive. Well, it couldn't be helped. If he came with us, it could ruin Jordie's surprise for Cody.

So, after we arrived at the studio, we found our contact for the show and they told us that we had shown up about twenty minutes early. “Hey, since we're early, can we visit Cody?” Joe asked. After receiving the okay after promising to be back at the stage on time, we ran off to find Cody. After finding where the rehearsal studios were, we didn't know which one was Cody's. Joe turned around and started walking backwards. “We're never gonna find him.” As soon as Joe got the last word out of his mouth, he bumped and fell over someone bent over tyeing their shoe. They both fell on the floor with Joe on top of whomever he tripped over. Once the confusion was over, they found out that the whom that Joe had fell over just happened to be Cody's partner, Julianne. “Oh, man. I'm so sorry.” Joe apologized, as I helped him up and Kevin helped Julianne up.

“It's okay. No harm, no foul. Hey, you're the Jonas Brothers.” She stated. It was kinda nice for a girl to state it than say it then scream or just flat out scream it.

“Hey, I'm Nick. The one that tripped over you is Joe and the one that helped you up is Kevin.” I introduced us, receiving a glare from Joe.

“I'm Julianne Hough..”

“You're Cody's partner.” Joe finished.


After a moment of awkward silence, I decided to break it, “I've listened to your album. It's really good.”

She beamed, “Thanks, Nick. I have listened to all of your albums. You guys are great. I love that you guys write all of your stuff. It's like getting to take a peak inside your souls and, oh my god, I must sound like a crazed fan, don't I? Oh god, I sound like a crazy fan...”

We all laughed, “No, it's okay, really. We'd rather that than some things we have heard. I swear at every concert I've heard two or three girls scream that they want to have our babies. That really kinda creeps me out.” I replied, cutting her off.

“So, you guys are here for rehearsal?”

“Yeah and to surprise Cody.” Kevin replied.

“Surprise him? How? He knows that you're coming.” She inquired.

“But he doesn't know that we brought his girlfriend along with us.” Joe said. “But, their relationship is still hush hush so don't say anything, promise?”

“Don't worry, my lips are sealed.”

“Lips are sealed about what, exactly?” Cody had just came round the corner. I thought we were busted but Julianne piped right up.

“Derek told me his idea for one of their performances and he made me promise that if I saw them before he did, I wouldn't tell.” Julianne looked so cool like she wasn't trying to hide anything. And Cody bought it.

“Oh, okay. Hey, guys, here for rehearsals?”

“Yeah, just dropping by to say hey before we have to be at the stage.” Kevin replied.

“Now, go back and practice before I kick your butt.” Julianne told Cody, effectively shooing him back to their rehearsal studio. “You can visit later.”

Cody put his hands up in defense. "Alright! Alright! Just don't damage the merchandise." Cody said jokingly. "By the way, nice to see you guys again!" He exclaimed. Julianne gave him a warning look, and he quickly scurried off.

As soon as Cody was back in the studio, we all let out a sigh of relief. “Great cover, Julianne.” Joe replied.

“I actually wasn't lying, so go. Derek is waiting on you guys.”


A few hours later, back at the hotel....

“Man, Derek's routine is killer. It looks so good!!” I said as we walked into the room.

“Yeah, I'm exhausted.” Joe collapsed on the couch beside Demi. He looked like he had just done two full concerts back to back, while Kevin and I were just getting warmed up.

“Eww! You're soaked in sweat! Go shower, please!” Demi whined.

Joe slowly got and trudged to the bathroom.

“Okay, I don't get it. Why does Joe look like he was just put the the workout of his life and you two look like you have sitting around doing nothing.” Andy asked.

“Well.. because that's kinda what happened.” I said. “One of the songs were performing is Lovebug and Derek and Mark have Joe tap dancing with them while Kevin and I are sitting down playing, and let's say Joe was working really hard trying to get the choreography down today so when we go back tomorrow, he can show Derek that he got it.”

“He's trying to be a showoff again, isn't he?” Demi said.

“Yeah,” Kevin said, walked in the room with a bottle of water in each hand, one for him and one for me.

Performance night at DWTS – Jordie's POV

To say I was feeling nervous was an understatement. I felt like a girl who was about to see her boyfriend who she hadn't seen for 5 weeks... oh wait... I was... silly me. Cody still had no clue that I was coming to see him. He had called me a week ago, asking if I was coming to the show, and I had told him that I couldn't, that I was going to visit my mother, who lives in Montreal, which is located in Canada. Of course I was lying (not about the fact that she's a Canadian, but that I was going to visit her.) I wanted to surprise him so badly!

"Jordie, stop jumping." Demi hissed through her teeth. I immediately stiffened and mouthed 'I'm sorry' at her. Thanks to the boys, we had gotten front-row seats. It really was fantastic. Kloe Kardashian bumped into me and told me to watch where I was going! THIS IS SO COOL!

"JORDIE!" Demi exclaimed.

"Sorry, Dems... I'm nervcited!" I announced. Demi raised one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows.

"Nervcited?" She echoed me. I nodded.

"You know, nervous, yet excited... Nervcited!" Demi rolled her eyes.

"I should have gone to the bathroom with everyone else." Demi mumbled. I shrugged, and then my phone started vibrating in my bra (Well, when you're wearing a dress without pockets, and you don't have a lot of room in your purse, where ELSE do you put it?) I pulled it out and smiled at the name on the screen.

"Hey there, pookie!" I squealed. Calm down, Jord, calm down. I heard him laugh on the other end. I love his laugh, always makes me weak in the knees. Thank god I was sitting down.

"What's with the nickname?" He asked. I shrugged, and then quickly remembered that he couldn't see me.

"I was watching RENT again last night." I said. I heard him sigh. He really hated that movie. I like it, and I'm the female, so I win. HAH! Take THAT pants!

"Great way to waste 2 hours and 10 minutes of your life." He said sarcastically. "What's all that noise in the background?" He asked me. I stiffened. Great, how do I answer this?

"Uh... Mom's having a party with all of her French friends. Salut, Joseline! Comment ca va? Ca va tres bien, merci!" I said to Trisha, who had just come back from the bathroom. She gave me a confused look, so I mouthed the word 'Cody' at her, and she nodded. "It's a WILD party over here! Woo hoo! Le party! C'est tres amusante!" I said quickly, trying to convince Cody that I was indeed partying.

"Jord, I know you don't like it there. Just... try to enjoy yourself for now, and maybe next week, and every week after, you'll be in the front row, cheering me on, making me forget my steps because you're dazzling me." Cody announced. His voice was like the sound an angel would make, except sweeter.

"What are you now, Edward Cullen?" I asked playfully. I could almost hear him grinning on the other end of the phone.

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." Cody said.

"What a stupid lamb." I recited from memory.

"What a sick, masochistic lion." He ended the quote. There were urgent voices somewhere in the background, and then Cody groaned. "Listen, Jord. I've got to go warm up. We're on in 10, make sure to find a TV soon! Bye!" He said quickly. I nodded.

"I will... I love you." But he had hung up before those 3 words had come out of my mouth.

Cody's POV

I closed my phone and put it safely in the pocket of my jeans that I was wearing earlier today. Just hearing her voice made every day I didn't spend with her slightly brighter. Only slightly. I have to admit that I've fallen for this rare, klutzy beauty. It was like God, or whoever created us all, created her for me, and I for her. She was my exact brand of heroine... Oh god, who am I? Edward Cullen?

The door to my dressing room opened, revealing my dance partner, Julianne. I have to admit, she is stunning. It made it easier to have chemistry with your partner when your partner is pretty, though next to Jordie, Julianne looked like a wilted rose, though I am a little biased with that.

"Hey Cody, 7 minutes 'till the show. We should warm up." Julianne announced. I glanced at the pocket of my jeans and then got up.

"Yup, warm up." I said quietly, and then I followed my blond partner through the door, to where the other dancers were already warming up.

Demi's POV

Jordie is getting on my nerves a bit tonight. Okay, I GET that she hasn't seen Cody in a while, but when you're dating a celebrity, or you are a celebrity, you have to get used to not seeing your boyfriend/fiancé/husband for up to months on end.

So far, a handful of couples had been deemed 'safe' for this week, and Jordie was getting more and more anxious each time it wasn't Cody. The lights dimmed and the camera moved from person to person.

"The next couple safe is... CODY AND JULIANNE!" Jordie screamed so loud next to me that I swear my eardrums exploded. On the screen near the stage, Cody's face appeared, obviously pre-recorded.

"I was so excited when I found out that Julianne was my partner." Pre-recorded Cody said happily. He seemed slightly out of pre-recorded breath. "I mean, who wouldn't be excited? She's HOT!" Uh-oh. Pre-recorded Cody did NOT say that. I looked to Jordie and saw that she was looking at the screen with a look of pure hatred. She also appeared to not be breathing.

"Breathe Jordie." I reminded her. Instead of answering me, Jordie stood up and stomped off angrily.

Jordie's POV

Arrghh! I can't believe he would say that!! I burst out the door and screamed! I'll admit it. I received several strange looks but I didn't care. My boyfriend said that another girl was hot...on live television, no less!! I mean, she's skinny and I'm... curvy. I know Cody says that he likes them but still.. And, she has perfect blond hair, I'll bet she doesn't even have to color it. Mine is dark brown, and I add highlights to it to make it a little bit more interesting, but I guess it's not enough. Plus, her hair falls in those perfect soft and bouncy waves. Mine's just a messy mane of thick unruly curls. I'm always losing my pencil in them. She's a dancing champion, she's won several. I've never won anything in my life. Maybe Cody would rather be with her than me. She even has a better voice than me. I have that cutesy voice that a lot of Broadway stars have, but that only works on Broadway. At least her country music is getting heard on the radio. I mean she's perfect. I'm not. And her name sounds better with his last name that mine. The warm, salty tears began flowing down my face, not only ruining my makeup, betraying the way I felt at the moment. I usually tried to not let people see me cry, and I don't know why I had let them fall so easily now. I didn't even notice that Trisha and Demi had came out to find me to see I was okay. They found me standing outside, crying and shaking because when I cry, I feel like my lungs don't work. So, here I am, crying my eyes out and hyperventilating.

"Jordie, what's wrong?" they asked, almost in unison. They both ran up to me and enveloped me in a comforting group hug. I could have sworn I had said that Cody didn't love me anymore and he was leaving me for Julianne. Yet, all that came out was whining unintelligible mumbles.

Apparently, Trisha had understood what I had attempted to say. "What do you mean 'Cody doesn't love you any more and that he's leaving you for Julianne'?" Demi looked at Trisha like she had two heads or something.

"You actually understood that?"

"Yeah, didn't I tell you that I'm completely fluent in hysterics?" Demi's eyebrows bunched together with a look of confusion on her face, causing Trisha to laugh and shake her head, "Just wait until YOUR mom goes through menopause. The mood swings." Trisha shuddered just recalling it. I whined loudly, even my best friends didn't want to comfort me. It pulled the out of their conversation and back to me. "Oh, Jordie, we're sorry, don't worry. We're here for you." Trisha apologized. They pulled me into a hug again, but this time, they pulled me inside, because the paparazzi had noticed that Joe Jonas's girlfriend and Kevin's fiancwas there.


As soon as we were a safe distance from the glass door and in the privacy of a ladies restroom, they sat me down to talk it out. "Now, what's this about Cody and Julianne?"

"You saw the video." I stated, my breathing slowing down a bit. I was going from depressed to angry, and quick, "Look at her! She's STUNNING! She's everything I'm not and more!"

"Jordie, those things are scripted. If you would have stayed and watched the rest, you would have noticed that it didn't sound like him." Demi replied, shaking her head.

"Yeah! Come to think of it, it didn't really look like Cody. Maybe... IT WAS HIS EVIL TWIN!" Trisha joked, trying to get me to loosen up. I glared at her. If looks could kill, she'd be last week's BBQ ribs.

"Hey, don't look at me like that. Do you really think that Cody would drop you like that? He really loves you for who you are, not what you look like or what you have accomplished."

Man, it's like she knew exactly what I was saying to myself. My face softened, going from looks that would kill to a mixture of realization and a bit of regret. "You're right. You know what?" I replied, putting my arms around their shoulders. "I have the best friends in the world."

"You say that now." Trisha said. "But when I have you wearing an ugly poofy bridesmaid dress at my wedding..."

"Moment ruiner." I whined.

"Well, this best friend in the world aren't going to let you walk out of here, looking like that." Demi pointed at my face and my running mascara. We all laughed as Trisha and Demi went to work on fixing my face.

Back inside – Joe's POV

I can't believe this. I have been performing in front of audiences for years and for the first time EVER, I'm nervous. Nick and Kevin are chilling out, while I'm over here pacing around, running the choreography in my head so I wouldn't forget it. I was so lost in my thoughts, I didn't notice that Nick had walked up behind me. "JOE!!!" Nick screamed. I swear I jumped 3 feet off the ground. "Nick!! What did you do that for?" Both Nick and Kevin, not to mention all the others that were standing backstage, were bent over with laughter. "Yes, I knew it!! Mr. Prancy Pants jumped clear out of his skin!!" Kevin said, giving Nick and Derek a high five. I glared at them and then returned to my nervous pacing

"Nick, I really think that he's nervous." I heard Kevin say. REALLY, Kevin? You THINK? I groaned and then decided to sit on the floor. It was definitely more comfortable than pacing, but now I felt so small compared to everyone else... I felt smaller than Frankie!

"Joe, I wouldn't sit on the floor if I were you." Derek warned. "Plenty of people have gotten so nervous that they threw up on the floor here." I stood up instantly and wiped my butt, earning a chorus of laughter from Nick, Kevin and Derek. Suddenly, someone i
n black clothing with a headset came and motioned for us to follow him.

"You three, on stage, you," He said motioning towards Derek, "go find Mark, and then go to the upstage entrance. Be there in 5." He said, and then he grabbed my arm, tightly, and practically dragged me. "You guys are starting sitting down, right?" He asked. I nodded. "Well then, get to it, don't trip on the wires, don't unplug any wires, and don't die." He said. I gulped. I forgot to factor death into the many reasons why I was nervous. He left, and Kevin and Nick assumed their places at my sides.

"You gonna be okay?" Kevin asked. I nodded and sat down on the steps, adjusting my microphone. We didn't need a tech crew to assist us with this stuff. "Tell you what... after the show, we're going out for a celebratory Starbucks run." He said. I rolled my eyes. Trust Kevin to find an excuse in everything for Starbucks.

"It's Joe's big night, so he should pick the celebratory run." Nick said. I nodded.

"Yeah. I pick...Starbucks." Okay, so I was in the mood for a grande strawberries and creme frappucchino with whipped cream. Nick groaned. "Oh wait, Nick's diabetic!" I announced. The guy came back and made sure that everything was in place.

"Okay, so, good luck guys, break a leg!" He said. I gulped and looked down at my legs. My beautiful legs...

Trisha's POV

"And now, THE JONAS BROTHERS!" I could hear every girl in the audience screeching their hearts out. I just smiled at Demi and Andy, and then we screamed. Good luck, girlies, they're taken. Jordie screamed along too, as to not feel left out, while Aly and Drew made googly eyes at each other. The music started playing and I smiled.


One of the many songs Kevin had written for me. The lights went out and a spotlight came on behind them. The boys were sitting on the stairs that lead from the stage in front of the band to the dance floor and they were surrounded by strings of lights. It was real romantic setup. I could see that Kevin and the guys were looking for us before they started, but because of the setup, you couldn't see into the audience. They started the song at the second verse. Nick was playing his guitar, Joe his tambourine, and Kevin his electric mandolin. He was so excited when we found it after we left Canada when I got out of the hospital.

I can't get your smile out of my mind

[I can't get you out of my mind]

I think about your eyes all the time

You're beautiful but you don't even try

[You don't even, don't even try]

Modesty is just so hard to find

Now I'm speechless, over the edge

I'm just breathless

I never thought that I'd catch this Lovebug again

Hopeless, head over heels in the moment

I never thought that I'd get hit by this Lovebug again

Once they were done with the chorus, Joe jumped up to join Mark and Derek as they came on the dance floor. He almost slipped but he caught himself before it was real noticeable, but I knew that he messed up because I had seen him practice. Apparently, Kevin noticed too. He was trying to suppress a laugh while Joe started to dance. Wow, Joe was doing really good. He was keeping up with Derek and Mark and he was making it look easy, which surprised me, because he's usually such a klutz.

Kissed her for the first time yesterday

Everything I wished that it would be

Suddenly I forgot how to speak

Hopeless, breathless

Baby can't you see?

For a split second, you could see a look of relief on Joe's face. While Joe jumped from the dance floor to the stage where the band was, Nick and Kevin quickly stepped over to change instruments. Now, that Joe had gotten the dancing part done and over with, he let loose a little bit more than usual.

Now I'm...


Now I'm speechless, over the edge

I'm just breathless

I never thought that I'd catch this Lovebug again

Now I'm hopeless, head over heels in the moment

I never thought that I'd get hit by this Lovebug again


Lovebug again

We all jump from our seats, yelling and screaming. That was probably the best performance of 'Lovebug' that they have done. The boys do their traditional bow after they finished. Derek and Mark and their partners were standing with their backs to the crowd, applauding the band of brothers. Joe, now knowing how hard they work to put the routines together, bowed to them, as a gesture that he appreciated what they had done and what they had taught him.

Cody's POV – Backstage

Okay, show's over. I made it to next week and now, the only thing that would make this absolutely perfect would be if Jordie was here. I'm sitting with my back to the door. Someone is knock....No, wait, that's Joe. He's the only one to use the door as a drum. “Come on in, guys!” I called as I gathered my things. I didn't even bother turning around, they could let themselves in. Plus, I had to get this stage makeup off before they started teasing me. I heard the door open and close, and then I heard light footsteps on the ground... man, is Joe light on his feet or what? I then felt a pair of hands cover my eyes. "Joe, I know it's you, so give up the whole 'guess who!' game." Then, I heard the sweet, angelic, almost musical voice that I had been missing.

"Guess again, twinkletoes."

Jordie?!?!?” When she moved her hands, I looked in the mirror to see my beautiful girlfriend standing behind my chair. She was wearing this yellow dress that made her jaw-dropping gorgeous!! Before she could answer, I turned around and pulled her into my lap and quickly kissed her soft lips. "What. are. you. doing. here?" I asked in between kisses.

She giggled, "We all thought it'd be fun to surprise you. I have to admit, this IS fun." She said, and then she wrapped her arms tightly around me, like a child would their favorite stuffed animal. "I've missed you so much." She mumbled into my neck. We sat like that for a few minutes, just enjoying being together, holding each other. I heard a shuffle behind the door, then “Oww!” and “Shhh!”. Jordie sat up and sighed. “Come on in. guys.”. The door swung open to reveal everyone trying to act casually, but not very well. Especially Joe, who looked like he was in excruciating pain, hopping up and down holding his toe, while Nick and Kevin were holding back their laughter.

"Okay, you can drop the act." I said. Joe instantly dropped to the floor.

"OWWWW.... HOLY MOTHER OF A FLYING COW!" He yelled as he cradled his foot to his chest. Nick and Kevin both started laughing like hyenas, while the rest of the gang stood there, shaking their heads at them.


We all piled into a Black Tahoe that had remodeled so that it looked like a regular Tahoe on the outside but was like a limo on the inside. We made Joe's Starbucks run and went back to the suites that the gang had rented out for their stay here in Hollywood. All the while, Jordie and I were inseparable.

Everyone seemed to understand that I wanted her all to myself for the night, so they left us in our own little corner. I started playing with her hair, and then suddenly, my hand hit something pointy. I pulled it out and laughed. "A pencil?" I asked. Jordie quickly snatched it from me.

"I was LOOKING for that!"

Her exclamation caused everyone to look at us with weird looks on their faces. She blushed and looked down at the ground "I thought I dropped my pencil, but I actually lost it in my hair." They all laughed.

Again, Jordie?” Andy replied. Jordie rolled her eyes.

Yeah, again.”

"Nothing is safe from the lion's mane." Joe joked.

I think it's cute.” I whispered in Jordie's ear, while the others are laughing hysterically at Joe's joke then went back to their conversations. She turned to look at me in disbelief.

"Really?" She asked.

"Well, yeah. Your hair, it's so crazy, just like your personality, which I happen to adore."

What else do you like about me?” she asked. I looked her over and thought about it for a second. She punched me in the shoulder. “Cody!!”

I'm just kidding, sweetie. I love everything about you, your hair, your curves. I can never get tired of listening to your voice. It's so beautiful, especially when you sing.” She effectively cut me off, by pressing her lips to mine. We stayed like that for a few minutes until we were interrupted by the rest of the group clearing their throats, to reminds us that we were most definitely not alone. We broke apart to satisfy them.

Okay, now, what movie are we going to watch 'Made of Honor' or 'Leatherheads'?” Joe asked holding up the two DVD boxes.

I think we seen enough romance tonight just watching Jordie and Cody go at it.” Drew commented. For that he received a slap from Aly, Andy and Trisha and the guys just laughed, while Jordie and I turned several shades of red.

'Leatherheads' it is then!” Joe said running to the DVD player and putting the disc in before there were any objections. Kevin hit the lights while Nick emerged from the kitchen area, bearing all kinds of movie snacks. After everyone was settled in, Joe pressed play to start the movie. Jordie snuggled closer to me.

You're amazing, you know that?” she whispered.

I guess I do now.”

CR: BTSAB Chapter 39/? Part One

OK first things first, I'm soooo sorry about the long wait but it will be well worth it I promise for two reasons. One, this chapter was also co-written by my best buddie, Jordiie!! Thanks so much, girl. You make this story so much better. I don't know what I would do without you!!! And two, this chapter is over 21 (yes that is correct) TWENTY-ONE PAGES LONG!!!! Enjoy!!
Kevin's POV
    The last two months have been crazy. Especially for Joe and Demi. The press had seen Joe and Taylor Swift together and started spreading rumors that Joe and Taylor were seeing each other and Taylor thought that Joe started it to say that he liked her. And let's just say it got worse before it got better. Taylor started getting clingy to Joe, but Joe didn't know that Taylor believed what the press was saying, he just thought that was how she was expressing her friendship with him. That went on for about a month. Then, last week, Joe called Taylor to ask her her opinion on a anniversary present for Demi. Taylor lost it. She called Joe and Demi a few choice words that I dare not repeat, though Cody and Jordie would be willing to repeat it, while adding some... colorful adjectives.
    Speaking of Jordie and Cody, they refused to part, so she decided that she would be staying with him for the remainder of his stay on the show. She and Julianne have been getting to the point of being almost friends, though Jordie did seem a little tense around her. When Julianne had to take a leave of absence due to her having to have her appendix removed, Cody talked Jordie into keeping Julianne company while she was recuperating at home. Jordie was reluctant at first but she knew it would make Cody happy to hang out with his out-of-commission dance partner. After the first couple of days, Jordie and Julianne really hit it off and now they are the best of friends. After they got kicked off during the semi-finals, (Cody will hate me for saying this but...) they all cried backstage after the show was over. They ran the media circuit and then went back for the finale. After that, Julianne went back to Nashville to work on promoting her album and Cody and Jordie joined us in Los Angeles for the AMA's. We've been staying at our place in LA while we've started taping our show.     
    Getting back to the whole 'Jaylor' mess, Taylor had taken to victimising herself, saying that Joe had broken her heart. It's not his fault that she took his friendship the wrong way. Joe did not break up with her via phone nor would he have done that if they were going out... he's not THAT heartless (well, he has a pretty big heart, actually). On top of that, other big celebs believed Taylor's version of the story. Like Ellen, Taylor went on her show and poured her heart out to her and Ellen granted her wish to meet Justin Timberlake. Man, she was milking this for all it was worth. 
    We found out that we're nominated for an AMA, the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist Award (we're going up against Paramore, Flo Rida, Colbie Caillat and The Dream.) Some of these guys are really good, but this award is voted on by the fans so we'll see what happens. We've also been asked to perform, which we gladly accepted. I mean, why wouldn't we? I think we're gonna do "Tonight" because, this isn't written in stone just yet, it's our next single. With Jimmy Kimmel as host, well... he's got a little more restraint than Russell Brand did at the VMA's, right? I mean, those cracks at our purity rings were kind of a low blow... funny the first time, and then they just got mean.
    Actually, Joe, Nick and I are on our way back to our place from being a guest and performing on Jimmy's late night show which is the night before the awards. Man, was it fun. So many of our fans were there. Both the studio and the Pontiac Garage, were we were going to perform was overflowing, and the building was completely surrounded. Oh, and did I mention that it was raining? Yeah, it was pouring and they acting like it wasn't, just jamming with us. We performed two songs. First was 'BB Good', which was broad casted in full on the show, but our second song, "Video Girl", the beginning was shown during the credits but they told us that the whole performance would be posted the show's site.
    As we made our way down the walkway, we could hear yelling and cheering coming from our living room. We all stopped and looked at each other. "What in the world is going on in there?" I pondered aloud as I pointed toward the door that lead into our house. Nick and Joe both just shook their heads and said, almost in unison, "I have no idea." (Kind of creepy... it's almost like they're twins sometimes...) We quietly snuck in the door.
    "Yeah!!! We won!!! Whoop!!!" we heard as soon as we opened the door. Joe and I looked at each other once we recognised the voices.  We all peeked around the corner to see Demi and Trisha congratulating each other, Aly and Andy were blaming each other for their loss while Drew was trying to calm them down and Cody and Jordie was laughing at the whole thing from the couch. "Well, guys, it looks like they started the party with out us." Joe said, to make our presence known. Everyone stopped and turned to see us walk in the room.
    "JOEY!" Demi squealed as she launched herself at Joe, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, and her legs were securely locked around his waist. Joe laughed. "You just missed Trish and I massacre Aly and Andy... IT WAS EPIC!" She exclaimed enthusiastically.
    "I bet it was." Joe said encouragingly. "It doesn't require that much skill to beat them." Uh oh, Joe... watch what you say... "OW! MY EAR!" ... or you just might get hurt... Demi had let go of Joe, and was currently pinching his ear between her recently manicured fingers. "MERCY! OW! DEMS! STOP IT!" He pleaded.
    "Take it back." Demi demanded. Joe whimpered and she twisted his ear.
"FINE! OW! YOU'VE GOT SUPER AWESOME MAD NINJA SKILLS! DEMS! LET GO PLEASE?" He yelled. Demi smiled sweetly and let go.
    "That's very nice of you to say, Joey." She said. Jordie started coughing, and I swear that I heard the words 'suck up' thrown in there. Demi must have heard it too, because she glared at Jordie, and then Jordie hid her face in Cody's neck. 
    "Do you guys mind if we play?" Nick asked. Andy tossed her wii controller to him. "Go ahead... they're unbeatable." She said with a pout. Nick hugged her.
    "No, they aren't... Not against the unbeatable beasts that are KE-NI-JOE!" Joe exclaimed. He and Nick high fived. "Uh, Joe..." I had to be the bearer of bad news "There are only 2 spare controllers." I pointed out. Joe stared blankly at me. "There are three of us." I said, motioning to me, Joe and Nick. Joe still stared blankly. I sighed and held my hands up in defeat. "Fine, you can play... I'll watch." I said. Of course, I didn't mind watching. Especially if Trisha was playing. She looked so cute when she was concentrated on something. 
    "Why don't we play Brawl?" Nick suggested. Joe looked at him from the corner of his eye and grinned. I grinned as well. We all knew, save for Demi and Trisha, that when Joe and Nick tag-teamed for Brawl (That's Smash Bros Brawl, in case you didn't know) they were an unstoppable force. They were like... a Gamma ray... only Chuck Norris could stop them....or so we thought.
    After three hours of battle, Trisha and Demi came out victorious, leaving the rest of us flabbergasted with our jaws on the floor. "Since when did you two master the game?" Demi walked over to Joe, placing her finger under his jaw, pushing it back into a closed position, " We've been practicing while you guys have been busy."
    "I thought that you two said that you were reading those Twilight books?" Joe wined. "We finished them weeks ago. They were so good." The rest of the girls voiced their agreement of Demi's statement. I'll have to remember that. "Yeah, we're waiting on 'Breaking Dawn' to come out!!" Demi happily replied, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Yeah, 3 more days till it comes out!!" Jordie added.
   "That's cool." I replied. "Well, are we having movie night, or what? Girls, you can go get changed into comfy clothes, shower, or what ever you want. Just don't come out till we tell you to, okay? We'll take care of everything." I smiled as I ushered them into their room then pulled the guys together to emphasize what I saying. The girls looked at me like I had grown an extra head or something, but the guys had caught my drift and played along. Once they saw that we were serious, they conceded and closed the door to leave us to get ready.  "Okay, Kev, what's with the weirdness?" Drew asked. "Guys, I have an idea for a gift for the girls. It will take a little work but it will be well worth it."
    "Well, spill K2. What is this amazing gift that we could get the girls?" Joe impatiently asked. "Well, everyone go change, and then I'll tell." Before I had the last word out for my mouth, they had all dispersed. Three minutes later, we were all gathered in our room. "It's that book the girls were talking about that they are waiting on to come out, I thought we could try to get them an advanced copy for them." I quietly explained. I got whispers of approval for the guys. "Okay, so, while Drew and Cody get the DVD player ready and call in our pizza order, we'll be working on the gifts." 
    We had never used our fame to get us anything like this before, so we were kinda going in blind. While Nick and Joe were about to call our agent, I was thinking of ways to get to the author. About two seconds later, it dawned on me. "Tonya!!" I exclaimed. "Who?" Joe and Nick said, doing their twin-like thing for the second time tonight. "I met Tonya at a party a few weeks ago and she mentioned that she was best friends with Stephanie Meyers, the author of the Twilight books!! We can call her and see if she can hook us up!!"
    "Call her, call her!!" Joe urged me, but I had already dialed her number. Ring....ring 
"Is this Tonya?"
   "This is she. Who is this?"
"Hi, it's Kevin Jonas, we met a couple a weeks ago at the media mixer?"
     "Oh, you mean, Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers?"
"Yeah, that's me! Listen, I have a small favor to ask."
    "Oh, okay."
"Didn't you say that you were close to Stephanie Meyers?"
    "Yeah, we grew up together. We're like sisters. Why do you ask?"
"My fiance, my brothers' girlfriends, and two of my closest friends are all Twilight fans, and I was wondering if you could talk Stephanie into getting us a couple of advance copies of 'Breaking Dawn'?"
    "Well, actually, I have a copy of the final draft of the book. How about a trade?"
"What do you have in mind?"
    "My daughter is a big fan of yours and her birthday party is Sunday afternoon and if you guys could come and play for her, I'll get you five copies of the book, and I won't tell a soul that you guys are coming so you can sneak in and out without being noticed but you have to promise me that you won't say or put out anything from or about the book until after the release date."
    "Where and when is the party?"
"Pasadena at noon. Why?"
    "Never mind, that will work. We have an early morning sound check, we'll swing by, do the party and grab the books, and we'll should have enough time to make back to Hollywood for our appointment with Calvin Kline to help us get ready for the AMA's later on." I had a smile that stretched across my face. Joe and Nick had been watching me for the past few minutes, with worried looks on their faces.
"That's great, I'll text you the info as soon as we hang up."
    "Thanks, Tonya, you're the best. See you Sunday!! Bye."
After I hung up with Tonya, Joe was like,"Dude, what's with the Demi impersonation? You almost have her smile down pat."
"I got the books!!"
"That explains it."
Nick was still a little sceptical, "What do we have to do?"
    "Do a small acoustic set in Pasadena on Sunday before the award show for Tonya's daughter's birthday party and don't worry, she not telling any one. The only people that will know is us, Tonya, her husband and Stephanie. So that means no press. The only kink I haven't figured out yet is how we're gonna get away from the girls."
    We all thought for a second before Joe clapped his hands together,"I got it! We're sending them to get ready for the awards anyway, we'll just tell them we have to be at the venue almost all day before hand to help with sound check. Then, once they're ready, the limo will pick them up and take them to Calvin Klein to pick us up. We'll go to the awards show and then instead of going to any of the after parties, we'll all go to a restaurant and have a late dinner and give them the books." Joe explained very quickly.
    My phone buzzed during Joe's idea. It was Tonya's text with all the details. Nick still didn't think that it was going to work.
"Don't worry, Fro Bro!" I said, as I walked over and ruffled his hair and then sat down beside him. "The party is in Pasadena. We have our sound check at 10:30. Should be done about 11 then be at the party at noon. We'll stay till 1:30. Our appointment with CK is at 2:30, the limo can pick us at 3:30. We have to be at the AMA's at 4:15 at the latest and the show starts as 5." Nick was finally convinced that it would work. We went and told Cody and Drew the plans and they said that they would help on the girls end so that we wouldn't get caught.
     "GIRLS! YOU CAN COME NOW!" Joe yelled as we finished discussing all the details. We heard some giggles, and then the girls appeared wearing...
     "Are you girls serious?" Nick asked. All the girls were wearing 'Team Edward' T-shirts, except for Jordie, who was wearing a 'Team Jacob' shirt. I rolled my eyes. This obsession was getting slightly out of hand.
     "As serious as Bella and Edward." Demi responded. Jordie rolled her eyes.
 "She's going to leave him for Jacob." Jordie said matter-of-factly. She seemed to have hit a nerve, because all of the girls glared at her.
 "Says who?" Aly asked. Jordie smiled.
     "Says me!" She announced.
 "Listen, curly..." Andy started.
     "HEAR ME OUT!" Jordie cut her off. "If Bella's with Jacob, that means that Edward is free for the rest of you." She said. Instantly, all the girls squealed.
     "MY EARS!" Drew yelled over-dramatically.
 "So, what movie are we watching?" Aly asked, choosing to ignore Mr. Immaturity.
     "Camp Rock." Joe announced.
 "NO WAY IN HECK!" Demi yelled. Joe doubled over laughing.
     "I'm KIDDING!" He exclaimed. "I don't think I could watch that movie one more time without gauging my eyes out with a spork." We all nodded and mumbled in agreement.
 "What movie are we watching?" Nick asked. Now I was curious too. We all looked at Cody, because Drew was still being somewhat immature. Cody smiled and pulled a copy of 'Chicago.' Jordie squealed. Of course Cody would pick one of his girlfriend's favorite movies.
    "I love this movie." Trisha whispered in my ear. She had quietly made it to my side, which was normal now. She would come up behind me, wrap her arms around my waist and laid her head on my shoulder. It just felt so right, like our bodies were made for each other. I pulled her over to our spot on the couch and we got settled in for the movie. I sat against the arm of the couch and Trish laid down and put her head in my lap.
     After about 15 minutes into the movie, the pizza guy had finally showed up, but apparently, all the playing that Trisha had done had wiped her out and she was already sound asleep.  Joe and Cody got up to get the food. While they were up, I got Jordie to get a blanket for Trisha. Everybody else got up and got something to eat, but I didn't want to disturb my sleeping angel. I was going to get Nick or Joe to grab me one but before I had a chance to, Drew walked over to me with a slice of pizza. "Thanks man."
    After I finished the pizza that Drew brought me, I, too, was feeling drowsy, I very carefully picked Trisha up and went to carry her to my room. "Kevin!" Nick and Joe both whisper yelled at me. I turned to look at them. They held up their purity rings that graced their fingers. "She's already asleep and we both are waiting for our wedding night." "Just checking." They had those stupid evil grins on. I turned on my heel and walked into my room.
    I laid her on the bed and then I joined her, pulling her up against my chest and I heard her sigh contently. I was brushing my fingers through her hair and sleep finally took a few minutes later.

To Be Continued.....
 Sunday morning
My brothers and I always get up early on Sundays when we don't have time to go to a worship service, we have our own where ever we are. Unfortunately, this morning, I had quite a bit of trouble getting up. It might have been because of the sleeping angel that was clinging to me in her sleep. I'd really rather just stay in bed and watch her sleep, but my brothers had another plan.
    "UP UP UP!" Joe yelled as he banged on my door. I groaned and chucked my pillow at the door.
"GO AWAY!" I yelled back. Trisha groaned and snuggled her face into my shoulder.
    "DUDE! UP NOW OR I'M THROWING YESTERDAY'S UNDERWEAR AT YOU!" Joe threatened. That got me up. I carefully untangled Trisha's limbs from my own and walked quietly across the room to the door and opened it. Joe was standing there with 2 cups of coffee, one half empty, which was probably his, and a full one, black, most likely for me. I grabbed the full cup and sipped it... mmm... coffee... "Dad said 5 minutes, so hurry up." Joe said. I nodded and sipped my coffee again... mmm... not as good as Starbucks, but still good. I didn't have the heart to wake my sleeping beauty, so I left her a note that I would be back at ten to see her before the sound check.
    A few hours later - DEMI POV
    Shopping is always so much fun. Especially when you're with 4 of your favorite girlfriends, and your wonderful boyfriend's credit card... oh the fun I could have with that thing. Trisha, Andy, Aly, Jordie and I were all walking arm in arm in the mall, trying to find accessories, shoes, makeup and other stuff to complete our outfits for tonight. We already had our dresses, thanks to Aly's smart thinking the other day. All the stores were sold out or carrying stuff that none of us would be seen in (Seriously... who would wear a chartreuse dress with ruffles and lace?) We decided to go inside Victoria's Secret... because apparently everyone needed new... well, you get the idea to match our dresses.
    After we got all of our stuff, we got back into the limo and headed to the spa to get ready. The second we stepped out of the limo, we were greeted by what seemed at least half the staff and ushered into our own private suite to be primped, pampered and styled for the show.
    We're finally on our way to Pasadena. Instead of our limo that we had for the day, which was actually with the girls, we had a blacked out Tahoe. We followed Tonya's directions and pull in to her driveway and to the back of the house to hide it. We actually made it to the house about five minutes ahead of schedule. Tonya had left the back sliding glass door unlocked for us so we could get in and set up and then hide so we wouldn't be seen until it was time for us to make our presence known. We grabbed our stuff and went inside.
    After we were ready to play, I grabbed my phone, "Okay, Tonya sent us the list of her daughter's top five favorites songs that we do.  Let's see..." I was interrupted by the sound of tires coming to a stop in the driveway. "Guys!! They're here, down this hall, second door on the right, that's where we can hide." It was a spare bedroom so we weren't in a confined space. We left the door opened slightly so we could hear the verbal cue from Tonya.
    "Mom, why are there two guitar stands in the family room?" I'm guessing that was the birthday girl, Heather.
"Gee, I don't know where they came from. I wonder where they came from?" That's our cue.
    We had this little bit planned out. Joe walks out first and sings the first line of the song, "Happy birthday to you", then, Nick steps in with a two part harmony for the second line, "Happy birthday to you", and I come in on the next one to make our unique three part harmony and we finish the song all together, "Happy birthday, dear Heather, Happy Birthday to you".
    The next thing we knew was Heather screamed and passed out. Okay, this was a first for me, at least, to actually see a fan pass out because of being near us. We all tried to help. We all asked if she was okay, and Tonya reassured us that she was fine just overexcited. Joe picked her up and walked her over to the couch  and laid her down while Tonya got a cold compress for her forehead.
    About five minutes later, she started to rouse. "Mom, I just had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that you got the Jonas Brothers to sing to me for my birthday." She sat up and opened her eyes. "Surprise!!" we said in union. This time, she didn't faint, but she did scream, a little louder than the last time.  She started talking real fast. "Heather, sweetie, calm down.."
    "But, Mom, The Jonas Brothers are standing in our living room!!"
"And if you don't chill, they're not gonna sing any more for you."
    She blushed. "I'm sorry. It's very nice to meet you guys."
"It's okay, Heather. How about a JoBro group hug?" And before she knew it, Joe had put an arm on one of her shoulders and Nick was on the other side while I connected my brothers and we squeezed together. Heather looked like she was the happiest person in the world at that moment.
    After we played though her favorites, which were 'S.O.S.', 'Burning Up', 'When You Look Me In The Eyes', 'Please Be Mine', and 'Hold On', we still had time to play some more, we played a few more songs. We played 'Tonight' (We're playing it tonight and practice make perfect) and 'Got Me Going Crazy'. We were going to stop there, but she asked Nick to play 'A Little Bit Longer', but as we all know that when Nick sings that song he's at the piano, and he was about to say that he could try it on the guitar, when Heather grabbed his hand and pulled him into the other room where there was a black baby grand in the foyer. "You can play here." Heather beamed. So Nick sat down at the beautiful piano and played his song.
    After we had cake and ice cream and signed a few things, we had to leave. "Thank you guys so much for coming!! This has been the best birthday ever." 
    "Wait, I forgot something in the car. Be right back." I ran to the car and grabbed a extra acoustic guitar that I brought. It was a plain black Gibson that I had had for a while and I had several, so I figure why not. As I neared the door, I yelled "Heather, close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you."
    After Nick and Joe had confirmed that her eyes were closed, I walked in with the guitar and a silver sharpie. I motioned to the guys to sign and they came and pushed me into the other room, Nick holding his finger up saying that we would be back in a second.
    "Dude, you're going to give her one of your guitars?" Nick whispered.
"Hey, Tonya's really going out on a limb for us here. She didn't have to do this and I want to show her that we are going to more than uphold our end of the bargain."
    "Great idea, man," Joe replied, signing the guitar. After Nick and I signed, we walked into the other room.
"Okay, Heather, open your eyes now." She opened her eyes to see me holding the guitar out to her.
    "Is that for me?" she gasped. "Yes" I replied as she took it gingerly out of my hands. "Turn it over" Nick suggested.
She turned the guitar over and she gasped when she saw that we had signed it for her. She put the guitar on and swung it around her back and gave each of us a big hug. "Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthisisthecoolestbirthdaypresentever..." she went into supersonic mode again. 
    As Heather stayed inside to play with her guitar, we walked out with Tonya. "Well, if you guys didn't deserve this now, I don't think you ever will." She pulled a box out of her car, filled with the five copies of the book. There was an envelope with our names on it laying on top. "What's this?" I asked.
    "It's a little something extra for you guys, after that, you really do deserve it." she smiled. I opened the envelope to reveal...
"NO WAY!!!!" I couldn't believe that she had also gotten us tickets to the premiere of the Twilight movie that was set for next weekend and there was enough for us all to go, all ten of us. I showed them to the guys. "How did you swing this?" Joe asked.
    "The author and I have been that that," crossing her fingers to illustrate her point," since we were five and like I said, you guys deserve it after making my girl so happy. Thank you."
    "Hate to stop this but if we don't leave now, we're gonna miss our appointment with Calvin Klein. " Nick said. We all gave Tonya a hug and ran to the car and blazed back to LA.

    About 3:00 - Demi's POV

I can't believe we look so fabulous! We just left the Spa ready for the award show. The driver told us that we had one more stop before we were to go to the awards. I can't figure what it is because the boys said that they would meet is there. We pulled up in front of Calvin Klein. Were we supposed to pick something up for the boys? "What are we waiting on?"

    Kevin's POV - A few minutes earlier

"Argh!" I hear from where Joe was getting ready.
"Dude, what wrong?" I say but as I come around the corner, I couldn't help but laugh. Joe whirled around with makeup pad in hand trying to cover up the mark on his head. I'm not sure if he noticed, but, the color of cover-up that he was using didn't match his skin tone at all. And this isn't one of those color thingies that only a gay makeup artist would notice. No, he was using CHOCOLATE BROWN.
"Hey guys. What's so... BWAHAHAHA!" Nick burst into laughter as he walked into the room. Joe pouted.
"Is it REALLY that bad? Maybe I should use more cover up..." Joe lifted the pad to his face, but before he could put it to his face, Nick had snatched it from him.
"Now, Joey, you don't want to put so much of that on." Nick started looking at me for a way to explain why. I shook my head. I can't really come up with an excuse for why not.
"Why, Nicky?" Joe asked. Nick opened and closed his mouth several times, kind of resembling a fish... a curly haired fish...
"Because you'll look too much like a girl?" My voice raised an octave or two at the end of my sentence. Joe sighed and put the cover-up on the counter.
"I guess that you're right." He admitted. "I mean, look at me already, with my girly thighs... and my soft and bouncy hair." He shook his head slowly, like in one of those horrid shampoo commercials, to prove his point. I rolled my eyes in response. Whatever you WANT, Joseph...
"Hey Kev... " Nick said quietly. I looked at him, and he motioned towards the window. I looked outside and saw that the limo, that was containing the girls, had arrived. I looked at Joe, who still had his face half covered in what looked like chocolate and sighed... One of the girls in there had to have a cover-up that matched Joe's complexion... right?
    Trisha's POV- Meanwhile...
"Um... excuse me... driver?" Demi asked through the little window separating us from the driver. "Why are we here?" Instead of answering verbally, he motioned towards the building. All our heads snapped to the side and watched as Joe, Nick and... sigh... Kevin...walked out and towards us. The driver got out and opened the door for them, and they slid themselves in, all looking like they'd just walked off the runway... except for Joe. I swear to God, I have never laughed so hard in my life. At least one fourth of his face was covered in mocha colored cover-up.
"What. did. you. do. to. your. face?" I asked, laughing between each word. Joe looked at me in confusion.
"What do you mean?" He asked. Demi rolled her eyes and pulled a mirror out of her purse and held it up for Joe to see his reflection. Joe grabbed the mirror. "I don't see what the big deal- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Joe screamed like a little girl, making everyone laugh.
"How could you not have known?" Demi asked. Joe shoved the mirror away. "Didn't you look in the mirror while putting it on?"
"Well... you see... Jordie taught me how to put cover-up on without looking in the mirror!" Joe exclaimed, pointing at Jordie.
"You never know when you're going to need to put makeup on sans mirroire." She said, her voice fading into a flawless french accent. I had to admit it, she was right.
Demi groaned. "Ugh, just come here... I'll fix it." She said, pulling some cover-up out of her bag. "You're lucky that I always carry your shade around, just in case." Joe smiled, and she worked on fixing his big mistake. When she was done, she handed him the mirror again. Joe studied his face and grinned as widely as he could.
"Thanks, Demz, you're the best! I love you!" He said quickly, and then he hugged her. Demi stiffened automatically.
Oh-My-Goodness... He dropped the 'L' bomb...

Joe released Demi after two seconds after he realized that she was not returning his hug. "What's wrong, Demi?" he asked, with a look of genuine concern on his face.

"You... you mean it? You love me?" She asked sheepishly.

Joe smiled his signature smile and wrapped his arms around her. "Of course I do. I love you with my whole heart." To top it off, he released her and pulled her into a very passionate kiss. I watched Demi's face change from awe to surprise to pleasure. After about a minute, Kevin cleared his throat to remind them that there were other people there. They pulled away from each other, completely flushed (whether it was from the kiss or the embarrassment I'm not sure) Suddenly, it was really awkwardly quiet in the limo. It was... well... it was awkward.

"I'm bored." Jordie stated after a few minutes, but no one responded. Jordie rolled her eyes. "I'm booooooooooooooooored." She whined.

"What do you want us to do about it?" Aly asked. Jordie shrugged.

"I don't know... OH WAIT! I DO! Someone stole a cookie from the cookie jar! Nicky stole a cookie from the cookie jar!" She exclaimed.

Nick feigned shock and pointed at himself and asked "Who me?"

"Yes you." Demi, Aly, Joe and Jordie said together.
"Couldn't be!" Nick exclaimed.

"Then WHO?" We all asked together. Nick pondered for a moment and pointed at me.

"Trisha stole the cookie from the cookie jar!" He accused. I rolled my eyes.

"Who, me?" I asked.

"Yes you!" Everyone said together. This game went on until we arrived back at the Jonas household to pick up Cody and Drew. They got in and each sat next to their respective girlfriends. It was great that we were all dating, so that no one ever felt like the third wheel. Not that they ever really would. We were so tight that it wasn't even funny... Though I don't really get why that would be funny.

For our dresses, we all were wearing completely different styles. Jordie, Andy and Aly had gone the more vintage route, and even there were wearing different eras. Aly was dressed in a black 1920's flapper dress Aly's Dress, which looked amazing on her. Jordie had gone for the 1960's look, and let me tell you, she looked like she had just walked off the set of Hairspray, but it worked for her. Jordie's Dress Her dress was a light yellow, and she called it 'the cupcake dress'. Andy had gone for a 1940's dress. It was by far my absolute favorite dress. It was leopard print on top, and then a dark green for the rest of the dress. Andy's Dress

Demi's dress was... different... in a good way. It was made with beige, black and purple sheer fabrics layered on top of each other, and there was a belt around her midsection. It was a really nice dress. Demi's Dress

For me, I had decided that you could never go wrong with a strapless, classical, little black dress. Trisha's Dress It wasn't so short that I had to worry about anything showing, but it was short enough for Kevin to be staring at my legs, which I had called him on a few times. He didn't deny it.

Finally, we got to the red carpet for the AMAs. Our chauffeur opened the door for us, and we each exited, one by one, and then started to walk down.

"Ow! Darn!" I heard, and then I heard someone fall behind me.

"Joe? Are you okay?" I asked behind me. I heard him chuckle.

"Of course I am, but you should be asking Nick the same question." He responded. I turned my head around to see what he meant. There, face down on the ground with one foot still in the limo, was Nicholas Jerry Jonas. I had never seen him fall before. The cameras never saw it though because we were all positioned where no one could see Nick's klutzy moment, which are very few and far in between. Aly helped him gracefully up so it looked like he was getting out of the limo. After making our way down the red carpet, answering a million questions, posing for even more pictures and making it to our seats, Joe whined in mine and Demi's ears,"Why is it that Nick can have a one totally embarrassing moment and everyone miss it and all of mine are seen?" We giggled. "Joe, don't worry about it. Your accident prone-ness is a part of who you are and everybody loves it about you." I replied. "Me especially." Demi chimed in, pulling him close and giving him a peck on his nose.

Taylor's POV
Ever since Joe broke up with me, It has been so hard to sing my current single, Love Story, which I had written with him in mind. And tonight, I have to perform at the AMA's with Joe watching... And her... I couldn't even bring myself to say her despicable name. I have to get him back! But how... I know what I'll do. I'll sing 'White Horse' to make him think that he can never have me, and that will make him want me again. They have this swing set up for me to sit on when I sing and I got them to make sure it was facing toward Joe, saying that it's purely a stage preference for me. I really just wanted to see his reaction. I am so good! By the end of the night, Joseph Adam Jonas will be mine!!
The stage was dark just long enough for me to get on the swing and take my seat. They put a soft spotlight on me and the music started playing. I made an effort to look at Joe when I sang parts of the song but every time I looked at where he was sitting, he wasn't looking at me, or even listening for that matter. He's totally engrossed in that.....girl. Playing with her dull brown hair, kissing her manly knuckles. It was repulsive. So, I got off the swing and walked down a part of the stage that would get me closer to him to get his attention. But, yet again, I still didn't his attention! I did all I could do, and then walked off stage with some of my dignity intact. So, I waited for him backstage, and then as soon as he walked around the corner, I grinned like as Cheshire Cat. "Joey!"
    Joe's POV
That performance was absolutely CRAMAZING! (Crazy plus amazing) In all the times that we've performed 'Tonight' during the tour or any other time, we've never been as amazing as we were tonight. He he... tonight. We didn't have a single slip up, and the audience just pumped us up so much. I was waiting for Nick and Kevin to get dressed (They're honestly such girls) I decided that I would go walk around for a bit backstage. K2 and the Prez have my number. As soon as I walked around a corner and saw her hideous bleach blond hair, I tried to turn around and walk away.
"Joey!" Taylor squealed as she launched herself at me.

"Hey, Taylor... uh... Nice performance..." I said, trying to convince her that I was actually listening. Truth is, I didn't want to pay attention to her.
"I miss you."
    Taylor's POV
I could tell that Joe was trying to get away from me and back to her, but I just wouldn't have it. I promised myself that I would be back with Joe by the end of the night, and nothing was going to change that.
"Uhm, well... Tay- They're about to announce who won the award we're nominated for... Oh look!" Joe grabbed his iPhone from his pocket. "Hey Kev... what? They're announcing it now? Okay... bye. I've got to go..."

"Your phone is off." I observed. Joe looked at it and sighed.
"So it is..." He turned to leave.
"Joey! Wait!" I called. He turned back around. "I have to ask you something."
"What is it?" He asked, obviously annoyed. I saw her come around the corner and I grinned.
"Will you just kiss me already?" And then I knotted my hands in his hair and puled him into a kiss.
    Demi's POV
I stopped dead in my tracks. Taylor had grabbed Joe and pulled him into a kiss. I could tell straightaway that Joe did not initiate the kiss by the way he was standing. It was the same way he was standing when Rachael had tried to get back with him. Joe pushed her away and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. "Taylor!! What are you doing?"
I walked up to them and put my arm around his waist to prevent me from slapping her " I know exactly what she trying to do. She is trying to steal MY boyfriend! And it's NOT going to happen. I swear to god, Blondie, if you come after Joe and me again, you won't be able to tell the difference between your face and your pancreas."
And with that, I took Joe's arm and led him away from a stunned Taylor and toward our seats. "You're not mad at me, are you?" Joe asked quietly as soon as we were a good bit away from Taylor. I stopped and turned to face him. "What? Mad at you? No! Of course not! I saw the whole thing. I know that she was coming on to you and you made me proud the way you never wavered in your love for me." I was beaming until Joe place his finger over my lips while a huge smile came over his face. "Just shut up and kiss me."
    When we finally made it back to our seats (after trying to fix our hair and wrinkled clothing so that we didn't look like we'd just been making out), Nick and Kevin had already been back for a few minutes. "Where have you two been?" Trisha asked when she saw us heading over. "Demi solved the Taylor problem." Joe smiled widely. I slapped his arm lightly as everyone giggled. He had given us away. As we took our seats, Kanye West had just finished accepting his second award for the night and was heading backstage, and before anyone could ask what happened the announcer came over the sound system. "Now, here to present the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist Award, she has starred in all three 'High School Musical' movies, Miss Ashley Tisdale!!!" Joe and Nick started switching seats so that they were sitting next to Kevin, who was on the end of the aisle. "We'll talk about it later." Joe whispered to everyone. As Ashley talked about the award and the nominees, Kevin told the rest of us that if they won (which I know that they will, despite their competition) that we should meet them at the back door because we were leaving early to get to the restaurant that they had gotten reservations at and so we would miss a bunch of the traffic leaving the venue. Drew and Cody assured them that they would get us all back there in time, and I immediately knew something was up. Trusting Drew and Cody to get us somewhere on time? That was like putting a drug addict in a room full of heroine and trusting him not to shoot up. Just then, Ashley's cell phone started going off, indicating that they had sent her the winner. "And here's the text message, now. And the winner of the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist Award is Jonas Brothers!"
    "Quelle surprise." Jordie said sarcastically under her breath.
"We won!" Joe exclaimed. We each hugged the brothers in turn before they went on stage, of course, Trisha, Andy, and I gave them a kiss on the cheek. Kevin led the way to the stage and got the award. "Thank you so much everybody!!" Joe interjects,"Thank you very much!!" Kevin continued,"This is a dream come true. We have the best fans in the world." Nick finished,"We love you so much! Thank you!" Then Ashley led them backstage. While Jimmy was introducing the next performer, Drew and Cody motioned for us to head backstage. After 15 minutes of fighting our way though the throngs of celebs and backstage help, we finally made it to the backstage door. Just as soon as we made sure that we had all made it together, our big winners had just finished their last interview and had made their way to the back stage door. "Let's get in the car before we start celebrating." Nick said as we walked out in a single file line and got into our limo that was waiting for us there.

    Kevin's POV
    "Man, I can't wait for next weekend!" Cody said as we got into the limo. I elbowed him to tell him to shut up and gave him a look that said "shut up or I'll kill you". "What?" Cody asked. I motioned my head toward the girls and and he finally got it though is head what I meant. "Oh, what's going on next weekend?" Jordie asked. I interjected," Oh, Cody's got an audition next Friday." I lied to save our surprise and it worked.  "Right." Cody said quickly "For this... uh... Movie!" 
"A movie! Really? What's it about?" Demi asked. Crap, more people involved. "I don't know yet but it's for a DC movie." Cody added in very smoothly.
I hear a snicker behind me, "You can ACT?" We all turned and looked to see Nick trying not to laugh hysterically. Andy smacked Nick in the back of the head. "Nicholas Jerry Jonas, you apologize right now that was so mean."
But thankfully, right before Nick can say anything, the limo comes to an abrupt stop, causing everyone to get thrown toward the front of the limo. "Sorry about that," The driver said. By the time we all got untangled and straightened out, we had reached the restaurant, Spark Wood Fire Grill. It was different from Mr. Chow's and the Ivy (all those places that all the other celebrities go to) and everyone liked it. 
Our table was almost ready when we arrived, so we girls excused ourselves to the ladies room. 
    Kevin's POV

    As the girls left to go to the ladies room (Why must they always go together? Though, the timing was kind of ideal, I still ask myself WHY? Do their bladders have a timer or something?), I smacked Cody in the back of the head. "Dude, what were you thinking? You almost spoiled the surprise!" I hissed. Cody flinched.
"I'm sorry. It slipped." He whined.

"Dude, I'm sorry about what I said in the car. It wasn't cool." Nick said quietly.

"It's cool... Now what is it you do for a living? Sell chocolate bars door to door?" Cody joked. Nick grinned.
"Well you see..."
"We sell BRACELETS, idiot." Joe announced, and then we all cracked up.
"So, Kev, did you bring the stuff?" Nick asked me. I stared at him blankly.
"What stuff?" I asked.
"You know, the tickets and books..." Joe added. I looked at them in horror.
"I left them at home!" I exclaimed. Nick, Joe, Cody and Drew glared at me, and I started laughing.
"Kidding! Kidding!" I exclaimed. "I had them brought here earlier so we wouldn't have to worry about carrying them around all day. I had each book and a pair of the tickets wrapped with a ribbon and put under the table so we can reveal them later."
Nick laughed, "Dude, when did you get so smart?"
Before I had a chance to retort, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, "My Kevy has always been smart, what are you talking about?" Trisha quipped, as she lead the girls back to the foyer where we were waiting. "Thanks, beautiful." I said, turning to give her a kiss.
The host walked up at that moment, "Mr. Jonas, your table is ready. If you all, please, follow me."  Trisha unwrapped her arms around me to take my arm so I could lead her to the table. All the guys followed my example. We followed the host in a double line. It was Trisha and myself, Joe and Demi, Cody and Jordie, Drew and Aly and Nick and Andy. Our table was near the back, away from where the other customers would be sitting, giving us the privacy we only seldom received. We did like the attention, but it was weird to have someone filming you eat.
"Your server will be here in just a tick." The host said, and then he walked away. We all sat down.
"So, how did you guys get us in here on such short notice?" Jordie asked. "It usually takes so long to get a table, and this one was ready almost as soon as we got in. You can't have known for longer than, like, an hour that you'd won." She looked at Cody, widened her eyes and puffed out her bottom lip. Please Cody, don't fall for it, don't fall for it... I crossed my fingers under the table. Thankfully, our server showed up before Cody could say anything.
"Hi! My name is Abi and I'll be your server for the evening." Her hand flew to her mouth.
"Are you okay?" I ask. She slowly removed her hand from her mouth and said, "Give me a minute. I'll be right back." She took a few steps backwards and then turned and walked away very speedily. "Looks like we got another fan serving us tonight." Nick said.
"Who do you think she's a fan of?" I asked. Joe snorted.
"It's obviously me." He said pompously. "I mean, honestly, I'm Joseph Adam Jonas." 
"Uh huh... Cause everybody wants you." Demi said sarcastically. Joe winked at her.
"You do." 
"Keep in mind that I also want a hippopotamus for Christmas."
"Ha ha! Your girlfriend just compared you to a hippo!" Drew guffawed. Our waitress, Abi, reappeared, holding some menus against her chest. She paused, took a deep breath, and then walked back towards our table with a big, cheery smile on her face.
"Hi, sorry about that... I forgot your menus, silly me. So, here you all are." She said speedily. "Uh, and... I know this is kind of weird but... I'm kind of a REALLY big fan... and I was wondering if I can have an autograph?" She asked, her voice getting quieter and more rushed with each word. Joe reached into his jacket and pulled out a sharpie. 
"Where would you like me to sign?" He asked. Abi rolled her eyes.
"I don't mean you... I mean... Cody." She said dreamily. We all stared at her in shock.
"You DO?" Joe asked incredulously, with his jaw on the table.
"You do?" Cody squeaked. Jordie elbowed him in the ribs and he coughed. "I mean... You do, huh?" He asked deeply, and then flashed a grin at Abi. Abi started to fan herself with a spare menu, and Jordie growled quietly. Demi placed a hand on Jordie's arm and Jordie seem to chill. It's like they have a silent code to talk to each other. Creepy.... anyways, Cody scrawled something on his cloth napkin and went to hand it to her but pulled it back."Now you can have this but you have to do me one favor." Abi's eyes lit up like an overloaded Christmas tree, "S-s-sure." she managed to get out. "Please get me a new napkin?" Before Cody had even finished getting his silly request out, Abi bolted away and was right back with, not one but, two neatly folded napkins, her hands noticeably shaking. Cody switched with her and smiled his thanks. She looked like she was going to melt on the spot. I tapped her shoulder to try to bring her back to reality. "Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. Here I am, acting like a stupid fan girl, when you guys are here to celebrate your win, right?" Abi motioned to me and my bros. We shook our heads yes and she continued,"Well, congratulations, and I'll leave you now to decide what you want to order." And with that, she was gone. When she thought that she was far enough away that we couldn't see or hear, she stopped, put her arms by her side, let out a deep breath and then she let out a tiny squeal, but I love watching the fans so I watched her leave and caught her little attempt to calm her self. After she went into the kitchen, I turned to see what had happened with Joe. He was still sitting there, flabbergasted, that the girl was more interested in Cody that him. It's not that he's vain or anything like that (okay, maybe just mildly) it's just the fact that usually every fan girl that he comes across swoons at the very sight of him, or even the mention of his name, and having one that just overlooked him caught him off guard.
"Guys, am I ugly?" Joe asked. 
"Uhh, yeah." Drew replied. We all started laughing, except for Joe. Drew looked around and frowned. "Dude, I'm serious! You looked like you got mauled by a panda!" Joe glared at him. 
"Well, at least I don't look like something that came out of a panda's-"
"Have you guys decided what you want to drink?" Abi asked as she cut Joe off.
After we gave Abi our drink and appetizer order and she had disappeared again, Drew spoke first, "Dude, I was kidding. Please stop sending me death glares. It's creeping me out."
"I'm not giving you death glares." Joe whined. "I just really have to pee." We all cracked up as Nick and Andy got up to let Joe out so he could go to the bathroom. 
    Joe's POV  
As I made my way back to the table, I bumped into Abi, our server. "Hey, wait!" I said before she ran away. She turned to face me. "Yes?" 
"Look, I know you like Cody but do you like me at all?" She giggled. "Actually, I like all of you guys, it just that I noticed Cody first and... Oh my, I am so sorry. That's why you're asking me this. I didn't mean it. You'll have to forgive me. When I get excited, I kinda get tunnel vision, and I just saw Cody first and, dummy me, was rude to my favorite Jonas Brother." I lit up and she blushed, realizing what she had just said. "Hey, now that you explained, we're cool." 
"Really?" she asked.
"Really really. Now, isn't there something you want to ask me?" I pointed to the cloth napkin that Cody had signed. She grabbed another one and handed it to me. "Can I have YOUR autograph, please?" 
 Kevin's POV 
 It took Joe longer that usual to get back, but before I could say anything, he had arrived at the table with a big smile on his face and once he got back to his seat beside Demi, he gave her a kiss on the cheek. "What happened to you?" Nick inquired. "Yeah, you were all mad and upset when you left and now you're all happy and giddy." Demi added. "Well, let's just say that Cody's not the only one here with a fan in the building."
"What?" Cody asked. "I bumped into Abi on my way back and we talked for a minute and she explained to me what happened, why she was fixated on Cody and blew the rest of us off."  
"Okay, what the rest? That can't be all of it, the way you're acting." I replied. Joe hesitated. "She said that I'm her favorite Jonas Brother." Nick and I shook our heads and laughed. "Dude, we usually don't care about that," Nick replied. "I know," he sighed.
"Well, we all know who my favorite Jonas is," Demi smiled. "Frankie's so cute." Joe scoffed. "Joe, you know Frankie's the cute one."
"He is the man." Nick added.
"He's going to be gorgeous when he gets older." Jordie said dreamily. Cody frowned and Jordie kissed him on the cheek. "Don't worry, I don't like younger guys. And I prefer blonds, they make me feel smart."
"Thanks... I think." Cody said confusedly. Jordie beamed and ruffled his hair.
"Don't worry about it. Just know that I'm smarter than you." She said with a smile. Cody's eyes went wide with horror.
"Oh gosh, I'm doomed."

After we finished our meal, we were just hanging out and talking. We never noticed Abi and a few other members of the staff show up with a cake. "On behalf of the staff and management, I'm here to give you guys a cake to say congratulations on your win at the AMA's tonight." It was a huge marble cake with chocolate icing and it had "Congratulations Jonas Brothers!!!" emblazoned in red on top. Nick eyed the cake like, 'oh man, I have had enough sugar today and I really want a piece of that cake.' But before Nick had a chance to say anything, Abi held a plate to Nick and said that they had a small sugar-free cake made just for him. It looked just like the big cake but it said "Way to go Nick!!!" on it. "Congrats guys!!" the staff cheered then left us to enjoy the cake. After we had demolished most of the cake, I spoke up, "I know it's a big night for us, so that you girls don't feel left out, we got you a little something special, but you have to close your eyes." The girls started to protest. "Ahh, no buts." Joe sternly added.   The girls gave in and and closed their eyes. I got up and pulled the box from where I had got the manager to hide it for me. I handed each of the guys one of the packages for the girls and took one for mine and sat down in my chair. Aly was the first to complain. "Come on, what's taking so long?" I smiled. "I only have two hands to work with here, give me a minute!" I teased. After making them wait for about a minute more, I finally gave the cue for them to open their eyes. Anticipating what we normally hear at our concerts, Nick, Joe and I did something we barely ever get to do (because if we did, we might hurt the fans feelings), we covered our ears. Not just covered, we shoved our fingers in. Poor Cody and Drew had never really had much experience with this, so they didn't know WHAT to expect. A high pitched scream multiplied by 5 rung out throughout the restaurant. Trisha was the first to put a whole sentence together. "How did you guys get these? They're not supposed to be out until Tuesday!!" I smiled. "Open the cover." They took the ribbons off and opened the books to reveal a plain white envelope. I nodded to the guys to prepare again. After another display of the girls' vocals, I spoke again. "We're going to the premiere of the Twilight movie next weekend." What happened next was in total synchronization. Each girl grabbed her guy and kissed him.  I must say that I think that they loved their surprise.  After a few wonderful moments, Trisha pulled away slightly and rested her forehead against mine and whispered," Thank you, baby. I can't believe you guys were able to pull this off." She sighed. "Did I mention how much I love you?" "I don't think you mentioned it but you certainly showed me." 

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Camp Rock: Behind the Scenes and Beyond
Chapter 37: Goodbyes, Blackmail, and Perceived Deception
A few days later - Jordie's POV
We're all at the airport to see Cody off before he heads off to LA for Dancing with the Stars. Everyone else has already said their goodbyes except for me. Cody grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the group.
When he finally stopped, he pulled me into he's arms and kissed me. It surprised me at first, which caused Cody to smile. I leaned into the kiss and was surprised again when Cody's tongue pressed on my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I instantly let him in and we kissed like that for several minutes.
"Flight 713 to Los Angeles, First class now boarding." was heard over the PA system. We pulled away.
"Well, if that is is goodbye, I can't wait for your hello back!" I whisper as we embraced. We held onto each other like we would never see each other again.
"I love you, Jordie."
"I love you too, Cody." It was like time stood still, just Cody and I just standing there in each others arms. Nick came round the corner, looking for us.
"Cody, Jor...Oh, uh Cody, your flight is about to leave." Nick felt bad for having to be the one break us apart. Even I felt bad for him. We went back to the gate so Cody could grab his carry-on and get on the plane. He gave me a quick kiss and told me he would call me when he landed. And with that, he walked to the tunnel that lead to the plane, turned back to wave at everyone and blow me one last kiss and got on the plane.
A few hours later - Back at the Jonas home - Joe's POV
After we got back from the airport, we settled down to watch a movie. About half way though my phone vibrated. I recognized the number but I did not want to speak to the person on the other side so I ignored the call. I, then, received a text from the same number.
Hey, baby. Why won't you take my call? I need to talk to you.
I hit delete and put my phone back on the table. "Who was that?" Demi asked.
"Oh, just somebody from LA." I lied, but she was satisfied with my answer. About ten minutes later, my phone rang again. It was her again. I figure that I should just talk to her and get it over with. As I went to get up, Demi asked where I was going and told her I had to take a call outside, that it was important and that I didn't want to disturb the movie.
"Oh, okay. Hurry back."
I stepped outside the front door and answered the phone. "What, Rachael?"
"Joe baby, why didn't you tell me you were in town?"
"Maybe because I never wanted to see or hear from you again."
"Awe! Now that's no way to talk to your girlfriend."
"You haven't been my girlfriend for over 3 years! Besides, I'm in love with someone else now."
"Oh, please tell me you didn't finally hook up with that Lovato chick after all this time." She didn't give me a chance to respond. "Whatever, just meet me at the Starbucks near your house in 15 minutes and come alone."
"Why should I meet up with you? I told you, I never want to see you again!"
"You will come and you will come alone or Little Miss Lovato will regret it."
"You lay a finger on her and YOU'LL regret it." I threatened.
She giggled. "Then, I guess you better get up here. You have 15 minutes and remember, come alone. Bye, sweetie." With that, she hung up. What am I going to do? After I composed a plan, I went back inside.
"Hey, guys. Making Starbucks run! Anybody want anything?"
I received a bunch of calls to get them their usual. "I'll come with you." Demi replied.
"Nah, you can stay. I can handle it." I gave her a quick kiss and ran out the door. I jumped in the car and started toward the coffee shop. I walked inside. She was waiting on me at a table just inside the door. Anyone could see what would happen so I have to keep my cool. She ran up to me, throw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I pulled her off of me. "What do you think you are doing?"
"Greeting my boyfriend, silly." And she tried to kiss me again. I caught her before she could connect with my lips again. 
"I told you, I'm not your boyfriend. Now, I have to order some drinks to go, then, we'll talk. But, once they ready. I'm gone." And I walked away. I really don't know what I ever saw in her. After I rattled off the order of nine drinks and paid for them, I went back to the table. "Now, what was so gosh darn important that you blackmail me into coming to meet you?"
"I want to get back together with you. I've loved you ever since freshman year. Please dump that "Demi-Diva" and come back to me." She whined. The sound of her voice made my skin crawl. I stood up.
"Look, I don't love you anymore, and I am very in love with Demi and I never want to see or hear from you again. You try to pull anything and I'm calling the cops. Goodbye, Rachael." I walked to the counter grabbed the drinks and walked toward the door. I think I heard her crying as I walked away, but it is probably just something to make me feel sorry for what I said, but I'm not. I meant every word. I love Demi. I'll have to tell her what happened...eventually.
Demi's POV - Just after Joe left
"I'll be back." I whispered to Trisha.
"Where are you going?"
"I'm gonna surprise Joe by going to the Starbucks to help him."
"That's sweet. Oh, and get me something chocolate while you're there."
"Gotcha. Be back in a few."
I grabbed my cell and walked out the front door. I knew Joe went to the Starbucks that was walking distance from the house, so I just ran to try to catch up with him. When I reached the store, Joe had just walked in. Then, there was this blond chick who ran up to Joe. What she did next infuriated me to no end. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, full on. After two seconds of that, I was running back to the house, tears flowing. I knew it couldn't be a fan. Most of them scream first or walk up with either something to sign or a camera to take a picture. If she had screamed, he would have got back in the car and drove around for a little while to lose them before heading back to the house. If they just asked for a picture or an autograph, he would have happily obliged and finished what he was doing. But, she ran up to him like she knew him. And it didn't look like he was going to push her away. I burst in the front door and ran up stairs. I threw myself on the bed. I heard a knock at the door. "Demi, can I come in?" It was Trisha.
"Yeah," I sniffled.
"Hey, what happened?" She asked when she saw the tears pouring from my eyes. She came and sat on the bed and pulled me into a hug.
"Well, I think that Joe is cheating on me!!!"
"What? Why?" 
"When I got to the Starbucks, he was kissing another girl. She was all over him and he wasn't doing anything to make her stop. I couldn't watch so, I ran back here."
"That doesn't sound like Joe. I think something must be wrong, and I don't think that Joe cheating on you. He loves you too much. Why don't I go get Kevin and we can tell him what happened and he might be able to make some sense of this?"
I nodded and she left only to return with Kevin a few moments later. I told him what happened. "Wait, what did she look like?"
"She was just a little shorter than Joe with three inch heels on, blond curly hair, really skinny. She was wearing something that looked like a mix between a school girl and a hooker."
Kevin's eyes got huge, "It's her."
"Her who, Kevin?" Trisha asked before I could.
Kevin sighed, "It's Rachael, Joe's ex. You remember." He motioned to Trisha.
"Oh, yeah. The 'Blasting' Scene." Trisha replied. "She was probably trying to get back with him."
"It's her?" I angrily responded, remembering who Rachael was and what she had done to Joe.
Kevin nodded. "If Joe still feels the same way he did last year, which he probably does, he went to tell her off." There was another knock at the door. 
"Demi? Can I come in? I need to talk to you." It was Joe.
"We'll let you two talk." Trisha said, as she grabbed Kevin's hand to lead him out.
"It'll be okay." Kevin said before he walked out.
Joe stood in the doorway with our drinks in his hands, but he quickly sat them down when he saw that I had been crying.
"What happened, sweetie?" He sat beside me and wrapped his arms around me.
I took a deep breath and started to tell him what happened. "Well, I decided to follow you to help with the drinks and I saw that girl kiss you and..."
"Demi, let me tell you what happened first, so that you can understand what happened." I nodded in response. "The calls and texts that I got during the movie earlier, that was Rachael. I just blew the first couple off, hoping she get the picture, but she didn't. That's went I got up to take that call, I was trying to get rid of her, but she blackmailed me into meeting her."
"Wait a minute, 'blackmailed you'?"
"Yeah, she threatened to hurt you and I wasn't gonna let that happen." That made me feel better. He went to defend me, to make sure that she couldn't come though with that threat.
"So, that's why I made you stay here, I had to go alone, part of the threat. I had fifteen minutes to get to the coffee shop and I had to show up alone. Well, as soon as I walked in the door, she latched onto me and kissed me. I will admit it, because I want to be totally honest with you, it took me a second to register what happened. That's why I didn't block her from doing it. I didn't know that she would. I peeled her off me and she tried again, but that time, I successfully blocked her from doing anything. I told her to let me put the order in and then I would hear her out. But, what she wanted me to do, I would never do it, not ever."
"What was it?" I asked.
He took a deep breath, pulled me close and looked me in the eyes, "Break up with you."
"What?" I pulled back in surprise. He grabbed my hands and started rubbing his thumbs over the backs of my hands as he continued. He concentrated on my hands while he spoke.
"She wanted me to break up with you and go back to her. Those are two things that I never want to do; break up with you and let her back in my life."
I took my hands out of his and pulled his face to mine. "I'm glad." and pulled him into a kiss. 
"I'm glad that you're okay." he replied. "But, she may try to pull something to try to break us apart. I just wanted to let you know. I'm sorry that I had to be sneaky. I had good reason."
"I know. But, next time, let's work it out together, okay?"
He grabbed my hand in his and put it to his lips and kissed it, "Together, I promise." 

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Camp Rock: Behind the Scenes and Beyond

Chapter 36 - Party Time!

Kevin's POV - Two weeks later

After the hour and a half drive from the airport, I finally saw the 'Welcome to Wyckoff' sign. Trisha had fell asleep on the way down with her head in my lap. She looked so peaceful. I hated to wake her up, but we would be at the house soon. "Trisha, babe, we're almost there. You need to wake up." As soon as I got it out of my mouth, the limo hit a bump or a hole in the road and it almost sent Trisha flying. Thank God, I had my arm wrapped around her waist. She just jerked forward a bit. It was enough to wake her. "Hey, Sleeping Beauty, are you okay?"

She smiled up at me, "Yeah, thanks to my knight in shining armour." I helped her sit up and she leaned in gave me a quick kiss. "What that was for?"

"What? Can't a girl give her man a kiss anymore?"

"Oh, well in that case." I leaned to kiss her. We ended up in a full out make out frenzy.
We hadn't noticed that the car had stopped in front of the Jonas house. Joe and Demi opened the car door. "Well, I guess we now know what they've been doing in Hawaii for the past month." Joe retorted.
Trisha and I stopped and jerked apart. We were both blushing. "Sorry guys. We didn't know we had an audience."
"Well, let's get your stuff and head inside." After we had hot out, we noticed all of our luggage was already sitting on the sidewalk.
The limo driver cleared her throat. We all turned to see what she wanted. After turning to see her, Demi and Trisha rushed over and embraced her, while Joe and I looked at each other. "Joe, you remember Cindy, don't you? My personal chauffeur that took me back and forth between the 'Camp Rock' set and the airport and a few other times before that."

"Oh, yeah! Nice to see you again." Joe replied.

"I knew you looked familiar." I added as I shook her hand.
"How did you..." Demi started to ask.

"...get the job to drive them home from the airport?" Cindy finished. "Okay, when I heard about the proposal, congratulations by the way, and then the sudden disappearance of the lucky couple, I knew that they had just went away to have some alone time, which I think they were trying to get a little bit more before they left my limo, I called Big Rob and told him that I wanted to surprise you guys and asked him if he could set it up so I could drive you guys home." I swear she said that in one breath. Plus, I have never had someone make me feel proud and embarrassed in the same sentence before. Trisha was blushing too.

"Well, let's get inside." I replied as I grabbed a couple of suitcases. Joe grabbed the rest and bolted up the stairs in front of me and Trisha was right behind me.

Demi's POV

While the guys were grabbing the suitcases, I pulled Cindy aside, "Hey, we throwing them a surprise engagement party. Can you stay?"

"Sure!" she replied.

"Cool! Come on!" I said as I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the house.

Back to Kevin's POV

I turn to see Demi and Cindy running up the walk. "Hey, you're doing my job." Cindy said as she and Demi took the suitcases from me.

"Okay, let's get inside. These things are heavy." Demi complained. I walked up to the door and opened it.


Just inside the door stood Nick, Andy, Drew, Aly, Cody, Jordie, Big Rob, and Frankie.


After greeting everyone, Joe walked up to me and asked,"So, what first, food or entertainment?"

"Food. I'm starving." I whispered. Joe laughed.

"Okay, everyone to the kitchen!" Joe announced.
At that point, Trisha had made it back to my side. "There's my beautiful girl." I say as I kiss her check and wrap my arm around her waist to lead her to the kitchen.
Mom and Dad are in there, putting the finishing touches on the platters of food. "Kevin! Trisha! You're here! I figured that it was you two that was causing all the noise out there!" Mom exclaimed when she saw us. We walked over and gave both Mom and Dad a hug.
"Okay, Everyone, let's bless the food. Dad?" Dad blessed the food and everyone dug in.
After about an half an hour of eating and hanging out, Nick got every one's attention. "Okay, it's time for gifts!"

"Awe! Guys, you didn't have to get us anything." Trisha said as Andy pushed both of us toward the front of the room and after we say down, she handed us a gift, "That's from me and Nick!"

I held the gift while Trisha ripped the paper off to reveal a photo album with pictures of Trisha and myself, starting with a picture from when we first met on the set of 'Camp Rock'. The cover had a picture of me proposing to Trisha from the release party and the engraving on it read, Kevin and Trisha, The beginning of a life with true love.... Trisha had started crying. "It's beautiful. I love it." Demi handed her a tissue.
Nick spoke up, "Andy picked it out and did most of the work but I helped pick some of the pictures including the one on the cover." Everyone laughed.
"Okay, Time for mine and Demi's gift. " Joe said as he handed us a small box each. We eyed the small boxes and opened them. Matching his and her Louis Vuitton watches.
"I have always wanted, well, anything Louis Vuitton." Trisha gushed. We took them out of the boxes and put them on. "Thanks, Joe. Thanks, Demi." I notice that Jordie has weird look on her face, I'll have to ask her later about it.
"Okay, now our gifts kinda go with the last ones." Cody announced as he and Jordie handed us each a box that was considerably larger than the watch boxes that we had just opened. We opened the boxes to find black matching Louis Vuitton messenger bags.
Trisha squealed. "Thank you, guys so much."
I laughed, "Yeah, thanks, guys. My bag is worn out and I was going to look into buying a new one. Now, I don't have to, one less thing to worry about." Everyone else started laughing too.
"Me, next!! Me, next!!" Frankie shouted.
"Alrighty, Frank, what ya got for us?" I asked as I tousled his hair.
"Well, actually, this is from me, Mom, and Dad." Frankie said as he handed us a two small boxes and a huge card. "I made the card and helped mommy wrap them up."
Oh, my, goodness! That's not what I  think it is!!! IT IS!! Granny and Grampa's rings!"Trish, this is Granny and Grampa Jonas's rings. They wanted me, well, us to have them when I got engaged." I turn my attention to my parents. "I didn't know what happened to them after they past away a few years ago. Where did you find them?" 
"Well, they put it in their will that we got the rings until you got engaged, and I wanted it to be a surprise." Mom replied. I smiled and brushed a tear from my eye.
"Kevin, will you put it on me, please?" Trisha asked.
I took the ring from the box and got down on one knee. I took her hand, "Will you marry me?" and put the ring on her finger.
She smiled, "It's all I want to do." This, of course, got a collective "awe" from across the room. For a few moments, Trisha and I were lost in our own little world, just looking into each other's eyes.
"Okay, we actually have to go the basement for our gift and to have some fun." Drew announced, pulling us back to reality. Cindy excused herself. She had to leave to get back to work. Mom, Dad, Big Rob and Frankie stayed up stairs to clean up, while the rest of us went downstairs. Trisha and I went last so they could make sure that everything was set up. "Okay, you can come down now."
As we walked down the stairs, we saw a pair of matching guitars at the bottom of the stairs. "Oh, no way. How did you know I wanted one of these?"
"Well, you did point it out very plainly when we were browsing guitars in NYC last month." Drew replied.
I rubbed the back of my head. "Oh, yeah. I did, didn't I?" Everyone laughed.
"They're beautiful. Thank you, guys. All of the gifts are amazing!" Trisha said.
"Okay, now to have some fun. If you two would head up there please, grab the mics, and follow along with the screen." Jordie said, pointing us to the stage.
We walked up to where the guys and I usually practice but they had changed it so we could have some karaoke fun. I had no idea what duet they were going to make us do. As soon as the words came on screen, I knew exactly what song it was, but as cheesy as it was it is exactly how I felt.
(A/N Bold/Kevin, Trisha/ Italics, Both/Bold Italics)
Now I've had the time of my life
No I never felt like this before
Yes I swear it's the truth 
And I owe it all to you
'Cause I had the time of my life
And I owe it all to you

I've been waiting for so long
Now I've finally found someone
To stand by me

We saw the writing on the wall
As we felt this magical

Now with passion in our eyes
There's no way we could disguise it
So we take each other's hand
'Cause we seem to understand
The urgency.
Just remember

You're the one thing
I can't get enough of
So I'll tell you something
This could be love because

I've had the time of my life
No I never felt this way before
Yes I swear it's the truth 
And I owe it all to you

Hey baby...

With my body and soul
I want you more than you'll ever know

So we'll just let it go
Don't be afraid to lose control no

Yes I know what's on your mind
When you say, "Stay with me tonight"
(stay with me)
Just remember

You're the one thing
I can't get enough of
So I'll tell you something
This could be love because

I've had the time of my life
No I never felt this way before
Yes I swear it's the truth
And I owe it all to you
'Cause I've had the time of my life
And I've searched though every open door
Till I found the truth
And I owe it all to you 
During the musical break, I grabbed Trisha's mic and put both of them down and started dancing with her. I guess I'm just trying to relive that moment from the movie. When it was time to sing, I grabbed a mic and put it between us so we could sing and look at each other.
Now I've (I've) had the time of my life Oooo
No I never felt this way before (Never felt this way)
Yes I swear it's the truth
And I owe it all to you

I've had the time of my life
No I never felt this way before
Yes I swear it's the truth
And I owe it all to you

'Cause I've had the time of my life
And I've searched though every open door
Till I found the truth
And I owe it all to you 

Everyone cheered and clapped. And we left the stage so others could have their moment on the lime light. After rotating around and having everyone sing, both in couples and singularly, we went back upstairs for cake and coffee. On our way up, I pulled Jordie to the side, "Hey, I couldn't help but notice that you made a funny face when we were opening up Joe and Demi's gift, I was just what it was about."

"Oh, that. Well, can you keep a secret? While we were out shopping for your gifts, I had overheard Demi and Joe talking about what they were looking for and that they weren't having much luck. So, while Cody and I were in the Louis Vuitton store, I dropped by the watch display and saw the watches. So, I talked to the attendant and set it up that if Demi and Joe came in that the attendant would put them where they could find them easily. Then, as we were walking out, we saw Demi and Joe and I put a bug in Demi's ear that they had some cute stuff in there. When we met at the foot court later, they showed up with the watches I picked out."

"Oh, okay. Thanks, by the way, good job picking both of the gifts."

"Actually, I had the idea for the bags, but Cody picked out the design, but the watches was all me."

"Crazy woman!" I laughed. "Let's get upstairs before they know we're missing."

Aly -  JoBrosCupcakeSwirl does not own any actual people performed in the movie Camp Rock or anything that has to do with Camp Rock, just the plot and her OC's! She also does not own any of the songs!
~Yes, I tweaked the words just a little because I don't want any of the lyrics to have curse words in them.
Camp Rock: Behind the Scenes and Beyond
Chapter 35 - Healing Old Wounds

Kevin's POV

We have been here for about a week, and Trisha started acting weird the other day. Every time I see her, she is wearing long sleeves and pants. Every time I try to get close, she pushes me away. I don't know what's wrong! So, I finally asked her about it. "Trisha, sweetie, what's wrong? Are you okay?"
She tried to blow me off by saying that she was fine.
"No, you're not. You have been acting strange the last couple of days. You know that you can tell me anything. I love you and there is nothing that will change that." She walked over to me and fell in my arms, crying hysterically. I picked her up walked her over to the bed and say down with her in my lap. After a half an hour, she looked me in the eyes and all she could say was, "I remembered." I knew exactly what she was talking about. The memories of the awful  incident that happened over a year ago. The doctor said that she would probably repress the memories about what happened, especially since she had no recollection of what happened when she came to from the coma.
"Do you wanna talk about it? Because, back when you were still in the hospital, Dr. Brennen told me that that would help you get though it faster." I replied softly.
As she started telling me what she had remembered, my heart ached. She was recounted everything with immaculate details, colors and sounds, among other things. She recalled every hit, kick, stomp, and every harsh word that was said. She had to stop a few times, because what she was saying was hurting her, and it hurt me too. Once she finished, she asked me, "Do you still want me? You know, after everything that happened. I feel so dirty, like I'm not good enough for you now. I..." I stopped her rambling by kissing her.
After I pulled away, she wouldn't look me in face, like she was ashamed of herself. I put my hand under her chin and lifted her face so she would look at me. "Hey, I love you now more than I ever have before. You see, I knew that he raped you. They told me while you were in the coma. Now, before you say anything let me say this. Yes, I know that he made you lose your virginity. But, you weren't a willing participant. So, in my eyes, you're still pure, still clean. I still want you to be my bride. I love you with all that I am."
She had tears running down her face, "Really?"
I wiped the tears away, "Really, really." She smiled.
"I wrote a new song. Wanna hear it?"
I sat her on the bed, went and got my guitar. After a few minutes of figuring out the notes, I played while she sang.
This time I wonder what it feels like
To find the one in this life
The one we all dream of
But dreams just aren't enough
So I´ll be waiting for the real thing.
I know it by the feeling.
The moment when we´re meeting
Will play out like a scene straight off the silver screen
So I`ll be holdin’ my breath
Right up to the end
Until that moment when
I find the one that I spend forever with
`Cause nobody wants to be the last one there.
'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Someone to love with my life in their hands.
There`s gotta be somebody for me like that.
`Cause nobody wants to go it on their own
And everyone wants to know they´re not alone.
Somebody else that feels the same somewhere.
There`s gotta be somebody for me out there.
Tonight out on the street out in the moonlight
And, ohhh, if this feels too right
It´s just like Déjà Vu
Me standin’ here with you
So I´ll be holdin` my breath
Could this be the end?
Is it that moment when
I find the one that I spend forever with?
‘Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Someone to love with my life in their hands.
There´s gotta be somebody for me like that.
`Cause nobody wants to go it on their own
And everyone wants to know they´re not alone.
Is there somebody else that feels the same somewhere?
There`s gotta be somebody for me out there.
You can´t give up!
Lookin´ for that diamond in the rough
Because you never know when it shows up
Make sure you´re holdin` on
‘Cause it could be the one, the one you´re waiting on
‘Cause nobody wants to be the last one there.
'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Someone to love with my life in their hands.
There has gotta be somebody for me

Nobody wants to go it on their own
And everyone wants to know they´re not alone.
Is there somebody else that feels the same somewhere?
There`s gotta be somebody for me out there.
Nobody wants to be the last one there
And everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Is there somebody else that feels the same somewhere?
There has gotta be somebody for me out there.
Every time she sang the words 'There`s gotta be somebody for me out there', she would look me in the eyes. It was as if she was saying that she knew that I was her 'somebody' that she would spend forever with. When she was done, I pulled her over to me and kissed her deeply. She hesitated at first but only for a second. She touched her tongue to my bottom lip, asking for entrance. Our tongues dance for several minutes. After we finally pulled away, because we were both in need of oxygen, I held her face in my hands, "That was beautiful, just like you."

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Camp Rock: Behind the Scenes and Beyond
Chapter 34 - Shopping for gifts

Two Days Later - At the Jonas Household in Wyckoff - Demi POV
Since Joe helped me get my album done, I have been able to focus on helping Mrs. Jonas and the girls plan the engagement party. It just going to be us, all of the Jonases, Andy, Jordie, Drew and Alyson, and myself. By the time Kevin and Trisha get back, Cody will have already left for 'Dancing With the Stars". I heard he got paired up with the Pro that won last two seasons. I think her name is Julianne Hough. And I don't think that Jordie is too happy about it. Cody dancing with a beautiful skinny blond. I don't blame her. I kinda got a little jealous when the rumors were going around that Joe and that Taylor Swift girl was together. They hung out a few times and went to each other's concerts. That's it, people. Oh, sorry about that, just needed to blow off a little steam. Ha ha! Anyways, back to the task at hand, planning the party.
So, today, we're going shopping for decorations and gifts. We all loaded into the Hybrid SUV that the boys had been given from Chevy for partnering with them to help promote going green. Once we got to the mall, Joe and I would get the stuff for the party, as well as a gift from us, while everyone else went to find gifts for the happy couple. "So, where to first?" Joe asked.
"How about Starbucks for a pick me up?"
"A woman after my own heart."
After we received our drinks, and purchasing the every thing we needed for the party, we started looking for our gift. "What are we going to get them?" Joe asked me.
After a few minutes of quiet thought, I finally said, "Well, we are celebrating their decision to be together, so why don't we get them something matching."
"You mean like his and her watches?" Joe replied.
"Joe, you're a genius! That's perfect! There's a jewelry store just up ahead." I gave him a kiss as we made our way to Zales. After looking around there and nothing was catching our eye so we started to look at every store to see what they had. Two hours later, Joe and I were about to give up but we saw that we were coming up on the Louis Vuitton store and saw Jordie and Cody walking out with their purchases. "Hey, what did you guys get?" I asked and they showed the the gift that they picked out. It was great. But we told them we would meet up later because we had the party stuffs finished and were still looking for a gift. 
"You should totally go in there. They have so much cool stuff, I'm sure that you two can find something" Jordie smiled and waved as she and Cody made their way to the food court, where we're supposed to meet up after we found our gifts. 
Once they were out of sight, Joe bowed and gestured into the store, "Shall we?" 
I took his arm and replied, "Yes, let's."
I saw a counter where they had their watches at and went straight for it. It was almost like they knew we were coming and knew what we were looking for, because as soon as we walked up to the counter, the watches were right there. "These are the ones, don't you agree?" I asked Joe, looking for his input. But, when I turned to look at him, he wasn't at my side. He was off, on the other side of the store, looking at something and there was a salesgirl desperately trying to flirt with him. I told the man behind the counter to wrap up the watches and I would be right back to pay for them. I walked over to Joe and placed my hand in his, hoping ditsy girl would get it and leave him alone. But, no, she didn't. Not only could she not flirt, she didn't have a brain in her head not to notice that we were together. What was I going to have to do, make out with him right in front of her. Even though, that's mighty temping, I just pull Joe away to pay for the watches. I swear I heard her gasp with astonishment when I whisked him away with out a word. I was almost tempted to tell her to back off and that he was mine.
"Demi? Hello?!?! Earth to Demi!!!" Joe was waving his had in front of my face trying to get my attention.
"Oh, sorry. You were saying?" I blushed.
"I was just asking about that mischievous grin you had on your face, what was that all about?"
Dang. "Oh, just a little surprise for Kevin and Trisha. I'll tell you later once I iron out all the wrinkles." I lied. "Now, let go pay for the watches and go." I pulled him towards the register.
"You picked them out already?"
"But, they're perfect! You'll love them! I promise."
Nick's POV
So Andy and I have been in several different stores and we just couldn't find the right gift. So, we decided to go to a bridal store. "Nick, I found it!' I heard Andy yell from the back of the store.
"Shh, girl. We're trying to keep a low profile here." I whispered in her ear as walked up behind her. "So, what did you find?"
She showed me a photo album. It had a silver cover and you were able to engrave on the top and bottom of the cover and put a photo in the cover."
"See? And we can fill it up with pictures of them, like ones from filming Camp Rock, where they met, to ones from the release party, where they got engaged, and everything in between. And for the cover, I got this really good shot of Kevin proposing to Trisha and I though we could put 'Kevin and Trisha' on the top and 'The beginning of a life with true love' on the bottom." She was so excited about this. I love it when she's really excited about whatever she is talking about. She'll start almost acting out what she is saying. Like, if she is rambling off a list, like she just did about the pictures, she'll count it off on her fingers. She had handed me the photo album as we headed up to the counter to pay. I was so lost in watching her, that I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and I walked right into the counter. "Nick, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just hurry up, I think I'm starting to get noticed." After I had paid for the album and the engraving, we went to the food court to get a bite to eat and to meet up with the others.
Jordie's POV
Cody and I spent a lot of time just walking and being together because he would be leaving soon. Cody was real quiet, like he was deep in thought. "Hey, whatcha thinking 'bout?" I asked, finally breaking the awkward silence.
"Huh? Oh, just thinking about how much I'm going to hate you not being able to be with me in Hollywood." he replied, placing a kiss on my head. I frowned. "What's wrong?"
"I wanted you to put that here." I pointed to my lips.
He smiled. "I think that I can fix that."
After an hour of just mindlessly wondering about the mall and sneaking kisses, we decided that we should look for a gift for Kevin and Trisha. As we walked past the Louis Vuitton store, I got an idea. "Come on, I have an idea." I said as I pulled Cody into the store."Whoa there, cuteness. Slow down." Cody laughed."Sorry, but when we walked by, I thought of a great gift." I grabbed a two similar messenger bags off a table, "Matching, monogrammed messenger bags. Kevin has one that he uses all the time and that way it cool and practical."
"That's sounds cool. Hey, I like the black one over there." He pointed to a black medium sized messenger bag with white, gray and sliver designs on it.
"Ooh. Nice choice, twinkle toes." I had been calling him that ever since we found out that he was going to be on the show. I gave him a quick kiss as I picked up the messenger bag and went looking for the matching one for Kevin. Cody had already went to the counter to ask if they had a matching one but just a bit bigger. I have to say that he has great taste. After the matching bag was found
 and the personalization was complete, we paid for the gifts. Well, actually Cody paid for them. He refused my offer to help pay. I finally caved when he had successfully got my wallet out of my hands and said that he couldn't allow me to help pay knowing that I didn't make much right now anyway. I wonder what he meant by 'not now'.
As we heading out to the food court, we were stopped by Demi and Joe. They were still looking for their gift. I told them to go in and that I was sure that they would find something. But, what no one else knows is, I over heard Demi and Joe as we passed by them earlier saying that they were looking for matching watches as a gift. So, while we were in Louis Vuitton, I looked at the watches and picked out a set that I just knew would be perfect for them and I told the man at the counter that if he saw a couple come in looking for matching watches and that matched the description I gave him, to put the watches in plain sight so Demi and Joe would see them, fall in love with them and buy them for their gift. As we walked away, I quietly giggled. "What was that about?" he inquired.
"Oh, just helping out a friend." I replied as looked back and saw Demi's face light up as she walked over to the watch counter. 
Drew's POV
We walked around for awhile contemplating what to get for Kevin and Trisha. Then, Aly gasped. "What?"
"That's it!!!" she squealed.
"What's it?"
"The perfect gift!!" she was smiling from ear to ear.
I waved my hand in front of her face, "Aly, care to elaborate?" I said, in an attempt to get her attention.
"Oh, yeah. Well, both Kevin and Trisha are musicians, so how about we get them matching guitars?"
"That's perfect! And I know which one to get." I grab Aly's hand and pull her toward a guitar shop. "Kevin showed me a guitar he really wanted and said that he was going to buy it in a few months and I know that this shop has a few of them." By this time, I had led her into the shop and in front of a vintage Rickenbacker. 
"Wow! That is so Kevin!!" Aly replied. So, after we purchased the guitars and a few items to go with them, like cases, extra string, and picks, we made our way to the food court and found everyone waiting on us.
"Hey guys, let's what we each got and make sure that we didn't get the same thing." I say as we walk up.
Demi held up a bag and said, "We got the matching Louis Vuitton watches."
Jordie held up a bigger bag and said, "Matching Louis Vuitton messenger bags."
Aly sat Trisha's guitar down, "We found them matching guitars." 
"Whoa! I would have never thought of that!" Joe exclaimed.
"Cool gift!" Nick said. "We got them a photo album with a silver cover with their names engraved on the front and we gonna fill the pages with pictures of them starting back at Camp Rock up until the release party."
"Awe! That's so sweet!!" The other girls responded in unison.  
"Okay, let's get out of here and head back to the house." Joe sighed.
"Awe, what's the matter? Is my pop star pooped out?" Demi said in a baby voice.
Joe puffed out his chest, "No! I'm just ready to go home." Everyone looked at him, knowing he was lying. "What? Okay, fine. Yes, I'm tired. I don't know what it is but shopping makes me sleepy." Everyone laughed as we headed toward the car.


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