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The one before that | The one after that

OIAM Chapter 4/?

    Damn you sun. Damn you. Damn you to hang by the neck until dead. Damn. You. 
    The reason I was cursing the sun this lovely morning was because it was shining right in my face, a full 7 hours after I fell asleep, waking me up from my amazingly vivid dream of Jason. I could almost feel his soft lips on mine...
    Damn you.

    Since it was 10 am, and I knew I would sleep in until 2 if I tried to go back, I decided that I would go downstairs and make myself a nice steaming cup of coffee... and maybe some Cheerios... with strawberries... mmm... Breakfast. I got downstairs and smelled coffee. Mmm... wait... That is NOT a good sign. Someone was up. I glanced back at the stairs...
Okay, Trish. Either go back upstairs and sleep through the whole day or...

     Face the screaming demons from hell.  For some odd reason, I chose the later. (It was probably the smell of that wonderful black liquid that convinced me) Before walking into the kitchen, I took a deep breath, and then stepped in. 
    "SHE'S ALIVE!" Jordie yelled. "Yeah, welcome to the land of the living!" Hayley added. "Hey, you wouldn't want to join the land of the living if you were having the dream I was having." I told them as I walked over to the coffee pot and made me a cup.  
    They scoffed. I laughed inwardly as I took my time putting my breakfast together. They must have lost all their patience during the night. "Are you going to take what's left of the morning to make your breakfast?" "Well, if you had my breakfast waiting for me, we wouldn't have this problem now, would we?" I retorted. Why do I feel so evil this morning? It feels goooooooooooooood.
    "Trisha!" Jordie whined. "We wanna hear the rest of the deets about last night!" "Yeah! Come on, T!!" Hayley added with a pout. I shook my head.
    "If you want it, you need to... tempt me with something... Something... big. Extravagant. Something special..." I said, glancing at Jordie. She glared at me. "NO! NO! NO! NO! I will NOT give you my signed Shane Gray picture! NO! You have your own Gray!"
    I held my hand out. "Either give me the picture, or I don't tell either of you anymore of what happened last night." Jordie looked at my hand, and then at Hayley, and then at me, and then she sighed and got up. She walked as slowly as she could out of the kitchen, and then up to her room, where her wallet was. She came back downstairs with the picture clutched in her hands, which were held against her chest. "Jord, are you sure you want to give up your pic of Shane just for the deets of what happened on her date with Jason?" Hayley stepped in between me and Jordie, to make sure she was making the right decision. Jordie seriously was on the verge of tears.
    "I don't know." She wailed. Hayley held out her hand. "Come on, Jordie-Jord... we don't need to know every-" "YES WE DO!" Jordie yelled, cutting Hayley off. "If we don't know, it will eat us up inside for ETERNITY!" She handed me the coveted picture, "This better be good." I went to put it in my pocket on my pjs. "WAIT! Let me have just... one last moment with my Shaney?" She asked. I rolled my eyes and passed her the picture. "Shaney." She sobbed. "I know... this is hard for me too. I just want to say... I love you, I really do." During the whole time, I'm dying I'm laughing so hard. Jason and I have such a big surprise for those two. "I'm sorry! I don't want to leave you either. I wish it could be different, but it's not!" It was so funny how pathetic she looked. "You finished?" I asked, trying to keep up my evil facade. Jordie kissed the picture and then handed it to me. "Yes, I'm done." She whispered. "Goodbye love, goodbye love, just came to say, goodbye love, goodbye!" She sang. 
    "Now, if you're finished, I'll hold up my end of the bargain." I sat down at table, laying the picture down on the table where it was still very visible. Jordie sat on my right, still sniffing, and Hayley, on my left. She leaned toward me to whisper in my ear, "Was that really necessary, Trish? It was kinda harsh." "It will be well worth it." With a confused look, Hayley sat back and I began telling the story. By the time I was done, Hayley was squealing, and Jordie was looking sadly at the picture.
    "Oh, Jord, get over it! There are more pictures of him in the world!" Hayley exclaimed. Jordie glared at her. "If you had a signed picture of Nate, would you let it go and be perky and happy afterwards?" My cell started ringing. I bolted upstairs to my room to answer it. I smiled when I saw who it was. "Hey, handsome." "Hey, beautiful. So, I just wanted to call and let you know that we will be there around 1:30." "Awesome. Oh and just to let you know, the girls still don't have a clue." "Really?" "I haven't even told them about you coming yet." "Well, gotta go. I had a small break from the interview and I wanted to call and give you a heads up. Love you." "Love you, too! Bye!" "Bye!" I hung up and squealed quietly. I composed my self and went back downstairs.
    "Let me guess, Jason?" Jordie asked. "Yes, and he's coming over for lunch." I said, like it was normal for pop superstars to be coming to my house. Hayley spit....no, spewed her coffee all over Jordie. "WHAT????" Hayley cried. "OWWWWW!" Jordie yelled "Jason wants to come over and have lunch with us so he can get what he called 'the best friend approval'." I said, again, like it was no big deal. Both girls squealed like little middle school girls. "Girlies... cool it. Now, we don't have time to make anything, so Mexican or Thai." I said, holding up two different menus. Jordie and Hayley looked at each other and then at me and replied,"Thai." 
    "Okay, Thai it is. Now, I know you two want to get ready, so I'll take care of ordering the food. You two can go ahead." But, they were gone before I had finished talking. "Don't overdress!!! Just jeans and a t-shirt!!" I yelled after them. I walked back up to my room and grabbed the credit card from my purse that Jason gave me to order the food. Even when he's not here, he's still being a gentleman. I grabbed my house phone and punched in the number to my favorite Thai take out place, B.C. Wong's. 
    Once I had finished ordering the food, I jumped in the shower. Once I was out, I blew dry and straightened my hair then went to my closet to finds something to wear. I finally decided on a purple t-shirt with silver stars all over it with a black scarf and black jeans.    After adding my purple low top converse and matching sliver star jewelry, I went back to the bathroom to put on some eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Once I had deemed my self ready, I went to check on the other girls, but I was interrupted by the door bell ringing.

    I turned on my heel to check to see who was at the door. I checked my phone and it was just after 1 so I knew it couldn't be the guys yet, so it had to be the food. After I signed the slip, I grabbed the bags of food and went to the kitchen to set it all up. As I was finishing plating the final entrée, the girls walked into the kitchen. "Whoa, do you think you got enough food?" Hayley asked, gazing at the spread laid out on the island. "Just wanted to have a variety." Looks like they listened to me when I told them not to over dress. Hayley was wearing a pink 3/4 length sleeved shirt with a green vest and khaki capris with matching ballet flats. Wearing a plain white tee with a blue tie covered in pink, orange, yellow, black, purple, red and green squares, black skinnies and yellow high-tops, Jordie was still sulking. "What? You're not even a little bit excited to see Jason again?" I asked her. But before she could answer, Hayley interrupted her. "Hold it! Back it up and stop! You met Jason already?"
     "Yeah! She helped me get ready yesterday and she had to make her presence known. She called me Trisha Bear in front of him! I swear if he wasn't standing there, I just might have strangled her there on the spot." I said the last but to get something out of Jordie, but it didn't work. "Well he should be here any minute so let's get the glasses ready and we'll serve ourselves buffet style." As I got the last word out of my mouth, the door bell rang. "I'll get it, you get the cups ready." I said before the bolted for the door. "You're no fun anymore." Hayley said as I left the kitchen to get the door.


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